36 Fun Wordle Alternatives For All Kinds Of Puzzle Fans (2023)

SomeWordlFans deepened their love forSpielexperiment withStrategy, Analyzerailing happened, and in general you go all-in on all things Wordle. Others began looking elsewhere for more of the same satisfaction you get from solving the daily game.

At this point, there are enough games like Wordle to satisfy almost everyone - even those who are looking for itPuzzle Gift Ideas. Keep scrolling for 36 of the web's most fun and creative Wordle alternatives.

WordPlay is like Wordle - six tries for a five-letter word - but you can play as many times as you like.

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5thDordle,Quordle,Octave, zSeat cord

Dordle is also similar to Wordle, but you have seven tries to guess two five-letter words. Each guess appears in both boxes - so as you get closer to solving one word, you often have to type in letters that you know won't help you solve the other.

Quordle, Octordle, and Sedecordle work the same way, but you're trying to guess four, eight, and 16 words, respectively.

If you are tired of guessing five letter words, check out Hello Wordl. You can choose the number of letters in the word between four and eleven. (But you still only have six tries to guess correctly.)

Speedle is pretty much the same game, but the goal is to find the correct answer as quickly as possible. In addition to the timer, there are several other settings that you can change to make the game easier or harder depending on your interests.

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Wordle tells you exactly which letters are in the right places and which need to be swapped. Barrier, on the other hand, just tells you how many letters are correctly placed and how many need to be moved - it's up to you to work out which letters it's referring to. You have eight attempts to guess the five-letter word.

Crossword is essentially reverse Wordle. You get a grid filled with grey, yellow and green blocks with only the last word filled in. Your task is to work backwards, filling the entire grid with wrong answers.


Adverswordle is another type of reverse wordle: you think of a five-letter word and a bot tries to guess it. You are responsible for uncovering how many letters are green, yellow and gray for each guess.

Waffle features a waffle-shaped grid of hatched letters highlighted in green, yellow, or gray. In 15 moves or less, you must swap the letters to form three horizontal words and three vertical words.

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Like Wordle, Absurdle involves guessing a five-letter word. But unlike Wordle, this word changes over time. Let's say you start withdream. The AI ​​finds all possible solutions that don't contain any of those letters - which are a lot - and grays out the entire word. So you guessdetour. If there are still possible solutions that are not includeddreamordetour, your second guess will also be all gray. As the letters get smaller, at some point the AI ​​will only be able to find solutions for themmakecontain some of your guessed letters and need to provide some green and yellow blocks. This continues until you guess the only remaining word. When there is more than one possible solution, the AI ​​basically forces you to keep guessing until there isn't. (Luckily you have unlimited guesswork.)

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Spelling Bee hosted byThe New York Times newspaper, features a collection of six gray letters and one yellow letter. You must use these letters to form as many four-letter words (or more) as possible - they must all contain the yellow letter. In every game there is at least one word that contains all seven letters.

14.He heard

Guess the song based on the beginning of the song. For every wrong guess, Heardle plays a little more of the intro.

Article, created by the National Gallery of Art, features an artwork from the gallery's collections and asks you to guess the artist. For each wrong answer you will see another work by the same artist.


Framed asks you to guess the movie based on a single frame. For each wrong guess (you get six), you see another picture.

Box Office Game is another fun puzzle game for movie fans. You will be shownTheaterkasseEarnings (and some other stats) for the top five films in theaters on any given weekend. You have a total of 1000 points to spend on clues - gender, actors, etc - this will help you guess what they are.


Weather enthusiasts will love Cloudle, which names a city and challenges you to guess the forecast for the next five days in six tries. Your options are similar to the icons you would see on aforecast: sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy, etc.

Worldle shows the outline of a country and offers six attempts to guess it. For each wrong guess, you'll learn the distance between your country and the right one (plus the direction you'd have to travel to get there).

Globle also lets you guess a country, which is then displayed on an interactive globe in a color that represents proximity to the correct country. The colors range from light orange to dark red; The closer you are, the redder the land becomes.

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21st and 22ndStriveeNumber

With Nerdle you have six attempts to guess a basic equation which can involve addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division. None of the eight blocks are filled in at the beginning, so you try to figure out the numbers.ethe symbols.

Numberle is the same basic premise, but while Nerdle allows you to use the commutative property - for example (2 + 4 = 6) is the same as (4 + 2 = 6) - Numberle requires your answers to be in a specific order.

Chessle shows a chess board and offers six attempts to guess the opening moves for both players. Green means you got it right; Yellow means the move is correct but the location or player is not.

24.Lord of the rings

Lordle of the Rings is like Wordle in the sense that you try to guess a five letter word in six tries. Unlike Wordle, all of these words come fromJ.R.R. she Tolkien Lord of the ringsTrilogy.

Com SWordle,war of starsFans have six attempts to guess a five-letter wordStar Wars universe.


Calling all Swifties: Taylordle offers six attempts to guess a four to eight letter word that is somehow relatedby Taylor Swiftdiscography or career.

BTS fans also have their own word, giving them six tries to guess a five-letter word related to the K-pop band.


With Squirdle you have eight tries to guess thatPokémon. Every time you guess wrong, you discover what the correct creature has in common with yours - things like type, size, and generation.

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Who are you? is very similar to Squirdle, but forfootballfans. Guess a football player from one of the five major European leagues (England's Premier League, Spain's La Liga, Germany's Bundesliga, Italy's Serie A and France's Ligue 1) and you'll find out what that player has in common with the correct answer - team, position, nationality etc.


Jewdle was created byShalom, an organization dedicated to “promoting Jewish life and learning in an inclusive manner” in the Jewish community of Sydney, Australia. You have six tries to guess a six-letter word that "can range from English to Hebrew and Yiddish to Aramaic and everything in between," the site explains. “Try text names, holidays, slang, prayers, anything you can think of. Every Jewish word is fair game in Jewdle!

Queerdle players have six attempts to guess a four to eight letter word associated with the LGBTQIA+ community. "Occasionally, two words can be joined if I want to," says creator Jordan Bouvier inwebsite, where you can also find a form to suggest words to add to the list of acceptable guesses.

32nd and 33rdswear wordeobscene

Sweardle is specifically designed for four-letter swear words that you need to guess in just four tries. Lewdle is slightly wider, allows slightly longer words, and encompasses alldirty wordsconceivable.

Passwordle gives you six attempts to guess one of the five most common characters.passwordsContain letters, numbers or both. It is notquiteAs hard as it sounds, if you guess a combination that isn't in the game's database, it won't be accepted (so you can choose something else without wasting a guess).


Redactle gives you an edited Wikipedia page that you gradually unveil by guessing the words in it. Tapbattle, for example, and every instance of the wordbattlewill remain unedited. You win as soon as you guess the page title.

Moviedle shows an entire movie compressed into a single second and lets you guess what it is. You have six tries to get it right, and the movie slows down a bit with each wrong answer.

A version of this story was published in 2022; has been updated to 2023.

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