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1Boosterbox-Katalog Black Stories

2Always in movement! On the road since 2005! Since the beginning in 2005, Boosterbox has been a very active and constantly developing company. From a 20 square meter storage room, stuffed with Magic the Gathering booster displays and dice, the bridge was quickly made for a variety of card and board games. To accommodate this growth, Boosterbox moved to a new 250 square meter location in 2006, which has also been expanded over the years with various outbuildings and shipping containers. In 2011, the size (and the warehouse) was full, and another move had to be initiated, this time to Enschede, to a logistically very convenient hall, in which no less than 800 pallet spaces and 2150 running meters of spaces were defined of picking up to 1100 square meters. While our line initially catered well to hardcore (miniature) game fans, in just over 10 years the line has developed into a mix of well-known brands such as Ravensburger and Jumbo, many educational products based on children's games and book characters. acquaintances. , exclusive distribution boards, among others, classic wooden games by Philos and exclusive puzzles by Gibsons of England to our own editions of Black Stories, LaQ, Hive and Spektro. With this interesting product mix, we look to the future with confidence! Our mission and vision We are a distributor and promoter of a quality range for a wide range of customers, with which Boosterbox and its customers can distinguish themselves in the market. Thanks to the added value in the areas of products, knowledge and service, healthy and profitable businesses are possible. There will be distinction through products launched internally. We want to be a reliable and personal partner for our customers and suppliers. Boosterbox wants to be the best in product range, communication and contact with buyers and suppliers. Good reach and good communication

3Are you our newest customer? We are always looking for good customers for our products and we hope you will find them in this catalogue. Contact us? Or do you register on our website with your data? We will then advise you accordingly so that we too can realize our mission and vision for you. We offer fast delivery with DHL (be careful, someone must be present at the address to receive the goods); Free shipping from 200.00 excluding VAT (note: applies to the total quantity of products in stock); Personal contact and high level of service; A wide and deep range with continual updates and additions; The possibility of visiting the store by our representative; Easily accessible via , phone and our webshop; Online option to view your pending orders; Weekly newsletter with news, new articles, offers and updates; Discounted direct debit We are available from Monday to Friday from to Or 24 hours via, you can order from our homepage!

4Our range consists of a large selection of games, puzzles, learning materials and game accessories. The mix of well-known brands, exclusive house brands and our own productions make it easy to order from us and order again and again! Since 2009, we have black stories in our lineup, known for their exciting and challenging puzzles. We expand the range every year with new themed editions. After the great success of the black stories (over 10,000 units sold!) we now also offer junior stories. These green and white stories are fun, challenging and educational at the same time. A complete success for us too; Gibson Puzzle. The nostalgic looking puzzles that no one can resist. Puzzles are flying out of our warehouse! With 3 releases per year, the collection is continuously updated. In terms of building toys, we recommend LaQ: Inspire and activate your brain with LaQ building blocks. When playing and building with LaQ, you use 7 skills, that is, 7 building blocks that make you think! For younger builders there is Bioblo, a new building toy suitable for ages 3 and up. Absolutely ecological and unique in this category: the building blocks are washable! In this catalog you will find many other games and puzzles, we always keep our range as up to date as possible with the help of our suppliers. We always try to offer you the best so that you can be sure that what you are selling is simply good. Great products, good margins. Together with our own brands Bambolino Toys, Piatnik, Helvetiq, Nebulous Stars, Open Up, Sunny Games, Tantrix, Wrebbit 3D, Wentworth, Philos, Inside Cube, Happy Horse, BS Toys, we offer you a unique range that we really like be years to come. To have! Good margins and beautiful products

5Inhaltsverzeichnis Black Stories 6 Black Stories Special Edition 9 Junior Stories 10 The 50 Series 12 The Housekeeping Game 15 Hive 16 Game of Trains 17 Max the Cat 18 The Secret Gang 19 Candid 20 LaQ 23 Helvetiq 26 Wentworth 29 Bioblo 32 Piatnik 34 Gibsons 38 Inside Cube 42 BS Toys 44 Bambolino Toys 47 Happy Horse 49 Philos 52 Frigorífico Poesia 55 Nebulous Stars 57 Wrebbit 3D 60 Tantrix 62 Spektro 63

6Black Stories Black Stories is the dark and mysterious pocket puzzle game! Players must ask questions to solve the dark puzzles on the maps. Also available in scales! Confronted with a dark riddle from the Riddle Master, the Riddle People must discover the cause of the event and all the details, asking the Riddle Master questions that can only be answered with yes or no. Item Code: STF-BS Black Stories Minutes Minimum 2 players, ages 12+ Dutch 6

7Auch in Waage erhältlich! Item Code: STF-BS2 Black Stories 2 Item Code: STF-BS3 Black Stories 3 Item Code: STF-BS4 Black Stories 4 Item Code: STF-BS5 Item Code: STF-BS6 Item Code: STF- BS7 Black Stories 5 Black Stories 6 Schwarze Geschichten 7 7

8Item Code: STF-BS8 Black Stories 8 Item Code: STF-BS9 Black Stories 9 Item Code: STF-BS10 Black Stories 10 Auch in Waagen erhältlich! 8

9Auch in Waage erhältlich! Código do item: STF-HE Black Stories Holiday Item Code: STF-RC Black Stories Real Crime Item Code: STF-FD Black Stories Funny Death Código do item: STF-SH Item Code: STF-CE Item Code: STF-BSDISPLAY Black Stories Shit Balcão de Natal Happens Black Stories (18 peças) 9

10Junior Stories Also available in scales! Through questions, guesses and riddles you will discover the secrets of nature. Through questions, guesses and riddles, you can unmask the ghost and solve the mystery! Minutes at least 2 players, aged 8+ Dutch Item Code: STF-GS Green Stories Item Code: STF-WS White Stories 10

11Carefully crawl through the bushes, find the tracks and solve the puzzle! Green stories take you to enchanting forests full of secrets and adventures. In the thicket of the jungle you will find rare plants and animals. Arm yourself against the ghosts and don't forget the garlic! White stories send shivers and shivers down your spine! You will encounter ghosts, vampires and mysterious apparitions! 11

12The Expedition Nature Series 50 Also available in scales! minutes At least 1 player, aged 8+ Dutch Item Code: STF-ENPAP 50 Horses and Ponies Funny Quiz Questions Clear Illustrations Detailed Information Lots of Interesting Facts Item Code: STF-ENSTP 50 Zodiac Signs and Planets All Types of information and facts about 50 horse and pony breeds. With these cards, you can easily learn to recognize 50 breeds of horses and ponies. All kinds of information and facts about 50 constellations and planets. With these maps, you can easily recognize 50 constellations and planets. 12

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13Die 50er Serie minimum 1 player, ages 8+ Dutch Also available in scales! Item Code: STF-50GGL 50 Magic Tricks With these 50 cards, you'll quickly become a real magician and put on your own magic show! Your audience will be amazed when you conjure coins from empty bags, make buttons disappear or give wings to a magic wand. Item code: STF-50OND 50 fun games to take away From now on, there will be no boredom in the car, on the plane or on the train! The 50 varied games guarantee lots of fun on the go. 13

14The 50 series Also available in scales! Make a colorful underwater volcano erupt. Do a magic trick with yeast and sugar. Make the colors disappear and the snakes dance. Make invisible ink or make it rain in the kitchen With these 50 exciting experiments you will surprise not only yourself but also your friends! There's an experience in every card With materials that everyone has at home Very easy to make Item Code: STF-50EXP 50 amazing experiments to do it yourself Minutes at least 1 player, aged 8+ Dutch Item Code: STF- 50DISPLAY 50 series display (18 pieces) 14

15The Household Game Also available in scales! Item Code: STF The Big Household Game The Big Household Game is a cooperative game for families. The aim is to make sure together that the weekly housework gets done, and if you don't do something, it doesn't cause major hassles. Sound like a win-win? punches! That is the question! Minutes Minimum 2 players, ages 12+ Dutch 15

16Hive Also available in scales! Item Code: STF-HIV Hive Item Code: STF-HIP Hive Pocket The object of the game is to completely surround the opponent's queen bee. It doesn't matter if this happens to your own pieces or your opponent's pieces. The parts are made up of different insects that move differently. A plan is not enough in Hive, you also need a strong reaction to the opponent! minutes 2 players, ages 9+ Dutch 16

17Game of Trains Also available in scales! Each player has a train in front of him, consisting of a locomotive and 7 wagons, which are arranged side by side in descending order of numbers. In turn, players can take a new wagon card to replace one of their current wagons. Players can also use a card's function to change the order of their cars or even remove them from an opponent's turn. The first player to place the train in ascending numerical order wins. Item Code: STF Game of Trains Minutes 2 to 4 Players, Ages 8+ Dutch 17

18Sunny Games Co-op Games More and more people are finding that they prefer to play with each other rather than against each other. Game publisher Sunny Games has 16 co-op games for different age groups, minutes from 1 to 8 players, ages 4+ Dutch Article Code: SUN-001 Max the cat Max the cat is an exciting strategy game for kids of all ages. They argue among themselves: Which animal should we bring home first? When does Max get a treat? And what do you think if Max still manages to catch an animal? 18

19Sunny Games 1-8 player cooperative game minutes, ages 5+ Dutch Item Code: SUN-007 The Secret Gang The Secret Gang is an exciting memory game. It is important to know which object is where. Children help each other remember what they discovered. 19

20Open it! Get to know yourself better! The Openhearted games, which focus on contact, connection, friendship and love. These games playfully inspire openness to each other to get to know each other (even) better. Different variants each contain more than 100 surprising questions and tasks that guarantee surprising answers, funny moments, serious reflections, new discoveries and, above all, fun together! Minutes 2-12 Players Age varies by topic Dutch Item Code: OPU-1099 Open Love Item Code: OPU-1105 Open Heart Children's Item Code: OPU-1106 Open Heart Memories 20

21Item Code: OPU-1108 Candid Classic Item Code: OPU-1109 Candid Fireworks Item Code: OPU-1110 Candid Team Spirit Item Code: OPU-1111 Candid Go For it Item Code: OPU-1112 Candid Puberty Item Code Item: OPU-1113 Candid Private Time Item Code: OPU-1114 for LoL 21

22Item Code: OPU-1117 Candid Bedeutung Item Code: OPU-1118 Candid Vitality Item Code: OPU-1119 Candid Dating Item Code: OPU-DISP Candid Display 22

23LaQ LaQ consists of 7 different bricks in 12 colors that you can really build anything with. Made in Japan, LaQ (pronounced La Kjoe) is a construction toy with high educational value. The Q in the name has meaning. In Japanese it is written kyuu and it means round shape. This name was chosen because LaQ building blocks can also be used to create round shapes. Item Code: LAQ LaQ Basic 011 Item Code: LAQ LaQ Basic 101 Item Code: LAQ LaQ Basic 201 Professor 7-stein has developed a LaQ Lab especially for schools and kindergartens. The LaQ Lab consists of a large box of LaQ bricks, including a folder with various LaQ construction techniques, challenging tasks, and a set of construction drawings. Will you be the next Professor 7 Stone? Item No.: LAQ LaQ Basic 511 Endless Fun Ages 5+ Dutch LaQ Basic – the start to challenge your imagination! 23

24Item Code: LAQ LaQ Hamacron Builder Race Car Item Code: LAQ LaQ Hamacron Builder Speed ​​Wheels Item Code: LAQ Buildup Robot Alex Item Code: LAQ Mystical Beast Wyvern Item Code: LAQ Mystical Beast Dragon Code do Item: LAQ LaQ Dinosaurs Triceratops and Pteranodon Item Code: LAQ LaQ Dinosaur World Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex)

25Item Code: LAQ Item Code: LAQ Item Code: LAQ Item Code: LAQ LaQ Mini Elephant LaQ Mini Giraffe LaQ Mini Orca Hippo LaQ Mini Panda Item Code: LAQ LaQ Sweet Collection My Favorite Item Code : LAQ LaQ Sweet Collection Princess Garden Much more LaQ on our website! 25

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26Helvetiq Helvetiq develops fun and fast card games with a beautiful design. The difficulty level isn't too high, and a round of Helvetiq is played quickly. The design of Helvetiq games really stands out! 5 to 45 minutes For 2 players Ages 4 and up (depending on card game) Dutch Also available in displays Item code: HVQ Bandido Item code: HVQ Forest Item code: HVQ Hippo Item code: HVQ Item code : HVQ Item Code: HVQ Gotown Kariba Winston26

27Item Code: HVQ SizeUp Item Code: HVQ Smak Item Code: HVQ Misty 27

28Item Code: HVQ Team UP! Item No.: HVQ Kartel Item No.: HVQ Dealmaker Item No.: HVQ Staka 28

29Wentworth Wentworth manufactures laser cut wooden jigsaw puzzles. They are unique puzzles with different special pieces in the shape of butterflies, dogs, leaves and all kinds of adorable characters. Item Code: WEN Z Noah's Ark - Peter Barrett (40) Item Code: WEN Z Sky Roads - Royce B. McClure Item Code: WEN Z Bookshelf - Colin Thompson (40) Item Code: WEN Z Almond Blossom - Vincent van Gogh (40) 29

30Item No.: WEN Z Still to Life - Dominic Davison (40) Item No.: WEN Z The Starry Night - Vincent van Gogh (40) Item No.: WEN Z Coming to Life - Jan Patrik Krasny (40) Item No. : WEN Z Yosemite Herbst – Alexander Chen (40) Item Code: WEN Z Opas Blumenschuppen – Steve Read (40) Item Code: WEN Z Mountain Cabin – Dominic Davison (40) 30

31Wentworth Display Código do item: WEN Z Silent Watch – William Vanderdasson (40) Código do item: WEN Z Flower Shop – Steve Crisp (40) Código do item: WEN WMP Butterfly Kaleidoscope – Aimee Stewart (210) Código do item: WEN W The Village Harbor – Dominic Davison (250) ) 31

32instructive! Creative Bioblo! Washable! Ecologically! Bioblo building blocks are perfect for giving free rein to your imagination. Use the blocks to create your own structures or follow a project from the included instructions. Bioblo building blocks have a honeycomb structure and measure 12 x 2.4 x 0.8 cm. The raw materials for the blocks come from wood chips and recycled plastic, the eco-friendly blocks are made from this Bioblo plastic. 100% PVC and BPA free, also dishwasher safe. Endless Fun Ages 3 to 99 English and Dutch Item Code: BLO Big Box Multi Mix (340) Item Code: BLO Fun Box Multi Mix (200) Item Code: BLO Hello Box Rainbow Mix (100) 32

33Item Code: BLO Color Combo Friend Ship (40) Item Code: BLO Color Combo Sweet Home (40) Item Code: BLO Hello Box Ocean Mix (100) Item Code: BLO Color Combo Rusty Robo (40) 33

34Piatnik Founded in 1824, Piatnik has been making games fun for us for nearly 200 years with its unique line of playing cards. In addition to these playing cards, Piatnik also produces fun puzzles with a variety of themes. Piatnik has also become a serious player in the gaming industry. We can't say this often enough, but you'll be hearing the name Piatnik more often in the near future! Item Code: PIA Gangsters Playing Cards Item Code: PIA Noble House Playing Cards Item Code: PIA Opti Bridge Playing Cards 4 Index Item Code: PIA Vintage Comic Art Playing Cards Item Code: PIA Whiskey Playing Cards Item Code: PIA Football Legends Playing Cards 34

35Item Code: PIA Classic Cars Playing Cards Item Code: PIA Banksy Playing Cards Item Code: PIA Item Code: PIA Vincent van Gogh Cafe Terrace at Night Playing Cards Vincent Van Gogh Playing Cards Item Code: PIA Escher Cards Left and Right Playing Cards Item Code: PIA Escher Up and Down Playing Cards 35

36Article Code: PIA The Starry Night - Vincent van Gogh (1000) Article Code: PIA The Café at Night - Vincent van Gogh (1000) Article Code: PIA The Bauernhochzeit - Pieter Bruegel (1000) Article Code: PIA The Sunshine Blumen - Vincent van Gogh ( 1000) Article code: PIA The Great Well of Kanagawa - Katsushika Hokusai (1000)

37Item Code: PIA Dreams - Alfons Mucha (1000) Item Code: PIA Café Terrace at Night - Vincent van Gogh (1000) Minutes 1-8 Players, Ages 6+ Dutch Item Code: PIA Honeycombs 37

38Gibsons 100 years, 4 generations at the helm, market leader in England. Excellent quality, differentiated graphics and the thickest board on the market. Good margins, loyal customers, 3 launches per year. Do you know a reason not to sell Gibsons? Item Code: GIB-G2210 The Secret Garden - Greg Giordiana (100 XXL) Item Code: GIB-2714 Wisteria Wedding - Steve Crisp (250 XL) Item Code: GIB-G3099 Best Friends - Steve Crisp (500) 38

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39Item Code: GIB-G3120 Floating Down the River - Debbie Cook (500) Item Code: GIB-G3121 Starting the Day - Trevor Mitchell (500) Item Code: GIB-G3535 Napping in the Shed - Steve Read (500 XL) Code Item No.: GIB -G3426 Paw Drops & Candy Mice - Gift Box (500) Item No.: GIB-G5047 The Gardeners Round (4 x 500) Item No.: GIB-G4044 A Morning Walk - Steve Crisp (636) 39

40Item No.: GIB-G6255 Retro Records - Steve Crisp (1000) Item No.: GIB-G6260 Story Time - Steve Crisp (1000) Item No.: GIB-G6266 Ein Kunstwerk - Steve Crisp (1000) Item No.: GIB -G7200 Blooming Lovely (1000) ) Item No.: GIB-G6261 Die Schneidertochter - Eduard (1000) 40

41Item No.: GIB-G6270 Curious Kittens (1000) Item No.: GIB-G9005 The Puzzle Roller We also have promotional material from Gibsons! Tip: Half cube (puzzle sample) is very good for decorating your shop. At any time of the year, you can give your shop or window a beautiful theme. Visit our website for more awesome puzzles from Gibsons! 41

42Inside Cube The Inside 3 Cube is a 3D maze cube. Try to move the metal ball through the maze from left to right and to the next floor without being able to see the ball. Look at the map to see which way to go and listen to where the ball flies. A challenge that requires some patience but that trains many skills, including auditory memory. There are 3 series: NOVICE, SERIE Ø and PHANTOM. NOVICE is the series for beginners with 5 floors. This is available in 4 levels. Item Code: INS Inside Kubus 0 series - Easy Item Code: INS Inside Kubus 0 series - Regular Item Code: INS Inside Kubus 0 series - Means Item Code: INS Inside Kubus 0 series - Horrible Item Code: INS Inside Kubus 0 series - Vicious Item Code: INS Inside Kubus Series 0 - Mortal 42

43Item Code: INS Inside Kubus Novice Series - Easy Item Code: INS Inside Kubus Novice Series - Regular Item Code: INS Inside Kubus Novice Series - Medium Item Code: INS Inside Kubus Novice Series - Awful Item Code: INS Inside Kubus Phantom Series - Cthulhu Item Code: INS Inside Kubus Phantom Series - Terrible 1 to 500 minutes 1 Player Age 10+ Regardless of Language Item Code: INS Inside Cube Phantom Series - Average 43

44BS Toys BS Toys was founded in 2006 and has been working towards its mission for over ten years: let all children in the world play actively! Especially in a world where smartphones, tablets and computers have become indispensable, playing with BS Toys items is a lot of fun! Item No.: BS-GA093 Can Throw - Numerical Printing Item No.: BS-GA123 Outdoor Kubb Item No.: BS-GA133 Parachute 44

45Item No.: BS-GA264 Moves Item No.: BS-GA347 Gemüse Item No.: BS-GA348 Crocodile 45

46Item Code: BS-GA350 Crocodile Sock Item Code: BS-GA351 Mikado melon Item Code: BS-GA352 Pick apples 46

47Bambolino Toys Manufacturer and importer of toys and decoration items such as Miffy, Frog, Caterpillar Never Enough and Dikkie Dik. Item Code: BAT The World of Frog 4 in 1 Puzzle Item Code: BAT Miffy Night Light 3D Item Code: BAT Miffy Shape Sorter Item Code: BAT Miffy Blocks Barrel 47

48Bambolino Toys Item Code: BAT Caterpillar Never Enough 4 in 1 Puzzle Item Code: BAT Plüsch Raupe Never Enough (26 cm) Item Code: BAT Dikkie Dik Kwartet Item Code: BAT Dikke Dik Memo 48

49Happy Horse Soft toys stand out from their peers due to their colour, character and appearance. With a lot of humor and trends in colors, materials and designs, Happy Horse's design team always manages to hit the nerves of the times. For over 50 years, Happy Horse has been designing a collection of stuffed animals and matching items that inevitably elicit a smile or a laugh. In addition to originality, Happy Horse attaches great importance to safety. All products in the Happy Horse collection meet the highest European safety standards and are CE marked. Item No.: HAP Item No.: HAP Lagoon Rabbit Richie Tuttle Item No.: HAP Lagoon Rabbit Richie Item No.: HAP Lagoon Rabbit Rattle Ages 0+ Lagoon Richie Music Box Item No.: HAP Item No.: HAP Deep Blue Richie Tuttle Article code: HAP article code: HAP Deep Blue Rabbit Richie musical box Tiny Deep Blue Rabbit Richie Deep Blue Rabbit Richie 49

50Item Code: HAP Deep Pink Richie Tuttle Item Code: HAP Deep Pink Muziekdoosje Item Code: HAP Deep Pink Rabbit Richie Item Code: HAP Deep Pink Richie Rattle Item Code: HAP Dikkie Dik Tuttle Item Code: HAP Dikkie Dik No. 1 (16 cm ) Item Code: HAP Mini Dikkie Dik Item Code: HAP Dikkie Dik Flatstyle Ab 0 Jahren Item Code: HAP Item Code: HAP Item Code: HAP Ivory Richie Spieluhr Ivory Rabbit Richie Tuttle Ivory Rabbit Richie Ivory Rabbit Rassel 50

51Item Code: HAP Yellow Rabbit Richie Tuttle Item Code: HAP Yellow Rabbit Richie Item Code: HAP Yellow Rabbit Richie Music Box Item Code: HAP Yellow Rabbit Richie Rattle Item Code: HAP Gray Rabbit Richie Rattle Item Code: HAP Gray Rabbit Richie Music Box Item Code: HAP Gray Rabbit Richie Tuttle Item Code: HAP Gray Rabbit Richie 51

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52Philos Philos has been developing classic games like chess, backgammon, mahjong and go for over twenty years. There is also a wide range of skill games and wooden logic puzzles. Timeless, excellent quality and luxurious look, the foundation of Philos! Item No.: PHI-1133 Andros Backgammon Cassette Item No.: PHI-1722 Large Standard Backgammon Box Item No.: PHI-2002 Remus Chess Pieces 70mm Item No.: PHI-2305 London Chessboard Square 40 mm Article code: PHI-2501 Chess set Article code: PHI-2610 Chess Cassette De Luxury Article code: PHI-2705 Travel Chess Cassette in Book 52

53Item No.: PHI-3104 Wooden Game Collection Travel Version Item No.: PHI-3121 Dice Tray Item No.: PHI-3133 3-D Four-in-Line Item No.: PHI-3237 Four-in-Line Item No. Wooden Item: PHI-3260 Tumbled Tower (Jenga) Bamboo Item Code: PHI-3275 Seat on Seat 53

54Item Code: PHI-3277 Falling Tower (Jenga) Color Item Code: PHI-3278 Action Tower (Jenga) Item Code: PHI-3524 Falling Tower (Jenga) Color Item Code: PHI-6220 Tower of Hanoi Item Code: PHI- 3600 Domino Double 6 Item Code: PHI-6337 Small Dice Barrel Item Code: PHI-3276 Falling Tower (Jenga) 54

55Fridge poetry board games are the foundation for an evening of fun. Chill the beers, put the treats on the table and get ready for a night of fun! With the right Swedish Refrigerator Poetry game, you are sure to have fun! Item Code: KOE Useless Facts Item Code: KOE I Never Had It Item Code: KOE Fact or Fiction Item Code: KOE Girl's Night XL Item Code: KOE I Should've Known This! Item code: KUH Do you dare? 55

56Item Code: KOE Short Circuit Item Code: KOE Who's in the room? Article code: COW Say same article code: COW Yes No Maybe Article code: COW Read 1 Truth 56

57Nebulous Stars A world of your own full of imagination and creativity In this magical world of Nebulous Stars you can keep all your secrets, ideas, dreams and sketches. Various displays and stands are available for display in your store. Item Code: NES Scratch Drawings - Isadora Item Code: NES Window Jewels - Hazelia Item Code: NES Creative Sketchbook - Nebulia Item Code: NES Creative Sketchbook - Petulia 57

58Item Code: NES Spiro Stars - Isadora Item Code: NES Diary - Marinia Item Code: NES Wishing Pots Galaxy Item Code: NES Electric Mood Lights 58

59Item Code: NES Calming Putty Slime (sorted) Item Code: NES Display Scented Pom Pom Pens (sorted) Item Code: NES Gift Jar (sorted) 59

60Wrebbit 3D Wrebbit3D is made from the highest quality foam and has been providing puzzle fun for decades. More challenging than it first appears, with a beautiful end result that can be displayed anywhere. The puzzle box contains detailed instructions on how to assemble the puzzle. Recreate the wonderful world of Harry Potter or immerse yourself in the fantasy of Game of Thrones. Item Code: W3D-0507 Harry Potter The Knight Bus (280) Item Code: W3D-0508 Harry Potter Ollivanders Wand Shop Item Code: W3D-0509 Harry Potter Quality Quidditch Accessories & Slug & Jiggers (305) Item Code: W3D-0510 Harry Potter Madam Malkins (290) Item Code: W3D-1010 Harry Potter Diagon Alley (450) Item Code: W3D-1011 Harry Potter The Burrow (415) 60

61Item Code: W3D-2014 Harry Potter Hogwarts Große Halle (850) Item Code: W3D-2015 Harry Potter Hogwarts Astronomy Tower (875) Item Code: W3D-2017 Game of Thrones The Red Keep (845) Item Code item: W3D-2018 Spiel of Thrones Winterfell (910) 61

62Tantrix Young children create beautiful shapes with the game, learn to classify and recognize patterns. Older children recognize the different shapes of colored lines and try to form a continuous line or loop. From the age of 4, they can solve simple games. The Tantrix strategy game can be played with other people aged 6 and up. Adults who think it's easy will quickly discover that this is a real brain teaser! A bestseller for 25 years! INCREASE YOUR FUN Item Code: TAN-GPR Tantrix Game Pack Travel Bag Item Code: TAN-PTGP05 Pocket Tantrix Game Pack 62

63Spektro With tens of thousands of units sold, Spektro remains as popular as ever! Get your electricity discovery off to a good start with Spektro. The provided workbooks contain several tasks that teach you step by step how to use the different parts. For example, turn on a light or play music. But you can also make a propeller fly! Thanks to the sturdy snap closures, the Spektro can be used over and over again. Item No.: SPE-SPS Spektro Item No.: SPE-SPS Spektro Light Show Also available in scales! 63

64INCREASE YOUR FUN Boosterbox Lenteweg 37-A 7532 RW Enschede Telephone:

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What is the main idea of black enough? ›

Synopsis: Black Enough is a star-studded anthology edited by National Book Award finalist Ibi Zoboi that will delve into the closeted thoughts, hidden experiences, and daily struggles of black teens across the country.

What is the theme of black enough by Varian Johnson? ›

Black Enough by Varian Johnson is a short story about not only the struggles of not being 'hood enough' if you're a black teen, but also about how the main character failed to impress his high school crush.

How many stories are in black enough? ›

BLACK ENOUGH: STORIES OF BEING YOUNG & BLACK IN AMERICA, edited by Ibi Zoboi, is a collection of 17 short stories about young black people written by black authors.

What is the summary of Oreo in black enough? ›

Brandy Colbert's “Oreo” tells the story of Joni, a black girl who has always grown up around whites. Joni's always been used to others thinking she's “not black enough,” but ever since her cousin called her an oreo, she felt like she couldn't even fit in with her family.

What is the main point of black boy? ›

Black Boy is a memoir of racism and racial identity. It describes the difficulty of surviving as a young African-American man in the South.


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