Elon Musk sets low expectations ahead of SpaceX's first launch of Starship, the most powerful rocket ever built | CNN (2023)

Elon Musk sets low expectations ahead of SpaceX's first launch of Starship, the most powerful rocket ever built | CNN (1)

SpaceX's Starship is seen on the launch pad near Brownsville, Texas.

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Just months after NASA introduced the world to the most powerful rocket ever put into orbit,Elon Musk SpaceXis set to launch his own creation, which could pack nearly twice as much as anything flown before.

SpaceX's vehicle, called Starship, is currently on a launch pad at the company's facility on the South Texas coast. The company aims to start at 8 a.m. m. CT (9am ET) on Monday, though you have the option to leave anytime between 8am and 8pm ET. m. CT (9:00 a.m. ET) and 9:30 a.m. m. CT (10:30 a.m. ET).

"I guess I just want to set expectations low," SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said during a "Spaces" Twitter event for his subscribers Sunday night. "If we get far enough from the launch pad before something goes wrong, I think I would consider it a success. Just don't blow up the pad."

He added: "There is a good chance it will be delayed as we will be very careful with this release."

SpaceX has a live broadcast of the launch of Starshipare.

People on the ground near the SpaceX facility in South Texas can certainly get a personal glimpse. Locals have been known to line the beaches around South Padre Island to watch the trials, and this release is sure to draw in viewers.

However, SpaceX has repeatedly warned those in the area to stay away from the "Exclusion Zone," the areas directly around the launch site that have been deemed too close to the rocket to be safe during launch.

(Video) Elon Musk just declared this after Starship's first launch debut "EXPLOSION"...

The "Exclusion Zone" includes the coast south of South Padre Island and extends a few miles inland.

About this mission

This will mark SpaceX's first attempt to launch a fully assembled Starship vehicle, based on a year-long test campaign.

Musk has been talking about the Starship, giving elaborate presentations about its design and purpose, for half a decade, often speaking about its potential to transport cargo and people to Mars. Musk has even said that his sole purpose in founding SpaceX was to develop a vehicle like Starship that could establish a human settlement on Mars.

In addition, NASA has already awarded SpaceX contracts and options worth severalthousands of millionsof dollars to use Starship to fly government astronauts to the lunar surface under the supervision of the space agency.artemis program.

Elon Musk sets low expectations ahead of SpaceX's first launch of Starship, the most powerful rocket ever built | CNN (2)

Spectators gather to view the SpaceX Starship on its Boca Chica launch pad after the US Federal Aviation Administration granted a long-awaited license allowing Elon Musk's SpaceX to launch the rocket into orbit for the first time , near Brownsville, Texas, USA on April 16, 2023 .

The initial flight test will not complete a full orbit around the Earth. However, if it is successful, it will travel about 150 miles above the Earth's surface, at heights that are considered outer space.

The spaceship consists of two parts: The Super Heavy booster, a giant rocket containing 33 engines, and the Starship spacecraft, which sits on top of the booster during launch and is designed to separate after the booster uses up its fuel to complete the mission.

The huge Super Heavy rocket booster will give you the first burst of power on takeoff.

Less than three minutes after liftoff, it is expected to run out of fuel and separate from the Starship spacecraft, leaving the propellant to dump in the ocean. The spacecraft will use its own six engines that run for more than six minutes to propel itself at near-orbital speeds.

The rover will then complete a partial orbit around the planet and re-enter Earth's atmosphere near Hawaii. It is expected to spray the shoreline about an hour and a half after departure.

Elon Musk sets low expectations ahead of SpaceX's first launch of Starship, the most powerful rocket ever built | CNN (3)
(Video) SpaceX Starship first launch "BIG TROUBLE", Elon Musk's Reaction...

SpaceX tries, fails to catch part of the rocket with the net

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What is at stake in this release

The ultimate success or failure of Starship is of immense consequence. Not only is it crucial to the future of SpaceX as a company, but it also supports the US government's ambitions for human exploration.

But it's not all running on this first test flight. SpaceX has long established its willingness to accept mishaps, failures and explosions in the name of refining its spacecraft design.

In the lead up to the company's first launchFalcon Heavy raqueta i 2018, which held the title of most powerful rocket before NASA's SLS took off last year, Musk predicted only a 50-50 chance of success.

"People (came) from all over the world to see what will be an incredible rocket launch or the best fireworks display they've ever seen," Musk told CNN at the time.

The initial release of the Falcon Heavy was ultimately a success.

Elon Musk sets low expectations ahead of SpaceX's first launch of Starship, the most powerful rocket ever built | CNN (4)
(Video) Elon Musk Just ANNOUNCED Huge Damage From Testing!

Watch another SpaceX prototype explode

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get here

Starship development has been based at SpaceX's private spaceport about 40 minutes from Brownsville, Texas, on the US-Mexico border. The tests began years ago with shorts "hop tests” of the first prototypes of spacecraft. The company began with short flights that raised aa few dozen feetfrom the ground before it becomeshigh altitude flights, most of which resulted indramatic explosionswhen the company tried to land them upright.

A suborbital flight test inmayo 2021although it ended up being successful.

Elon Musk sets low expectations ahead of SpaceX's first launch of Starship, the most powerful rocket ever built | CNN (5)

On February 8, SpaceX workers make final adjustments to Starship's orbital launch support and the booster's Raptor engine array within the company's engine test.

Since then, SpaceX has also been working to prepare its Super Heavy booster for flight. The massive 230-foot-tall (69-meter-tall) cylinder is equipped with 33 of the company's Raptor engines.

Fully stacked, the Starship and Super Heavy are about 400 feet (120 meters) tall.

SpaceX has waited more than a year to get FAA approval for this launch attempt.

The company and federal regulators tasked with certifying that SpaceX launches will not pose a risk to people or property in the area surrounding the launch site have faced significant pushback from the local community, including fromenvironmental groups.

(Video) SpaceX FINALLY FOUND A Solution To Prevent More Damage From The 33 Raptor Engine!

SpaceX's Starship rocket, the most powerful ever built, receives government approval for launch

But the Federal Aviation Administration, which authorizes commercial rocket launches,Announcedon Friday, April 14, which granted the company's request for an unmanned test flight of the rocket outside the SpaceX facility in South Texas.

"After a comprehensive license evaluation process, the FAA determined that SpaceX met all safety, environmental, policy, payload, airspace integration, and financial responsibility requirements," the agency said in a statement. release.

During a call with reporters last week, an FAA official, who declined to be named for publication, said the agency has been monitoring SpaceX's compliance with mitigation actions, some of which are still in progress. process even as the company prepares to launch.

The FAA official said that government personnel will be on site to ensure that SpaceX complies with its license during the test launch.

NASA and the future of Starship

SpaceX's contract with NASA to use Starship for the space agency's Artemis III moon landing later this decade leaves much of the Starship development work to SpaceX. A $2.9 billion deal,printed in April 2021, was awarded to SpaceX duringmore competitors. It was later expanded to include anothermoon landing missionyo 2027.

NASA has been working for the past year to establish a workflow between the space agency and SpaceX. It is a dynamic that the two organizations have had to doSmoothon previous SpaceX-NASA projects, including an ongoing partnership using SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft to fly astronauts to and from the International Space Station.

However, a lunar mission involves more powerful and complex hardware.

However, NASA is not involved in planning the flight profile for this test flight or instructing SpaceX on what to do, according to Lisa Hammond, NASA associate program manager for the Human Landing System at the Space Center. Johnson in Houston.

Hammond did not share a specific test or flight checklist that NASA hopes to see before Starship is entrusted with a lunar landing mission.

From SpaceX, SpaceX's interplanetary rocket fires engines in unprecedented test

"I don't want to put a number on it," he said, adding that the Artemis II mission, planned for next year, will see humans fly on the SLS rocket after just one unmanned test flight.

"Confidence comes from the design, confidence comes from the safety of the vehicle for the crew," Hammond said.

SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell previously said she expects the company to conduct more than 100 Starship orbital test flights before putting humans on board, as the company will need to do to help NASA achieve its Artemis III moon landing, the mission that is planned. by 2025.

"I think that would be a great target," Shotwell said Wednesday when asked if that target was still achievable. "I don't think we'll do 100 flights with Starship next year, but maybe (in) 2025 we'll do 100 flights."

(Video) Just Happened! Elon Musk Reveals Why Starship Exploded Mid-Air.

NASA's current timeline points to 2025 for the first lunar landing mission, in which astronauts will transfer from their Orion capsule, which will launch onto a NASA Space Launch System rocket, and onto a spacecraft. which is already in lunar orbit. It will be the Starship that will transport the crew to the surface of the moon.

However, it is not clear if 2025 is possible. NASA's inspector general has already suggested that it isn't. Delays, based on comments from the inspector general imars 2022, it could be about Starship.


What is the most powerful rocket launched by SpaceX? ›

Falcon Heavy is composed of three reusable Falcon 9 nine-engine cores whose 27 Merlin engines together generate more than 5 million pounds of thrust at liftoff, equal to approximately eighteen 747 aircraft.

What is the name of Elon Musk's biggest most powerful heavy lift rocket that he plans to use to take people to Mars? ›

SpaceX launched Starship, the world's most powerful rocket, today. It exploded before reaching space. Elon Musk founded SpaceX in 2002 with the goal of planting a permanent human settlement on Mars. Starship is the mega-rocket SpaceX has been developing for the last decade to realize this dream.

Is Starship the most powerful rocket? ›

Starship is a super heavy-lift space vehicle under development by SpaceX. At 120 metres (390 feet) in height and with a liftoff mass of 5,000 metric tons (11,000,000 pounds), Starship is the largest and most powerful rocket ever flown.

What was special about Elon Musk's rocket? ›

It should be able to lift at least 100 tonnes of payload, and possibly as much as 150 tonnes, to low-Earth orbit. This will make Super Heavy more powerful than the immense Saturn V launcher used for the Apollo Moon missions in the 1960s and 70s.

What is SpaceX's first model what happened to it? ›

SpaceX has developed three launch vehicles. The small-lift Falcon 1 was the first launch vehicle developed and was retired in 2009.

What is the most powerful rocket in the world today? ›

SpaceX's Starship, most powerful rocket ever built, tumbles and explodes minutes after liftoff.

What is the most powerful launch vehicle in the world? ›

Falcon Heavy. Let's talk about another engineering marvel from SpaceX – the Falcon Heavy. Known as the most powerful operational rocket in the world, this heavy-lift launch vehicle has made headlines with its impressive capabilities and groundbreaking missions.

Who is more powerful NASA or SpaceX? ›

Starship is a reusable rocket larger and far more powerful than NASA's Artemis Special Launch System and one that could take humans to the moon and Mars. The launch, with no one aboard, was the second attempt to fly the combined Starship spacecraft and its 33-engine Super Heavy booster.

What is SpaceX's most powerful engine? ›

The Raptor engine has about triple the thrust of SpaceX's Merlin 1D engine, which powers the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch vehicles.
SpaceX Raptor.
Liquid-fuel engine
Throttle range20–100%
Thrust-to-weight ratio143.8, sea-level
Chamber pressure300 bar (4,400 psi) 330 bar (4,800 psi), ~7 s test
23 more rows

Is Starship more powerful than Saturn V? ›

The Super Heavy rocket's 33 engines are capable of generating between 16 million and 17 million pounds of thrust. That's twice as powerful as the Saturn V rocket that sent Apollo astronauts to the moon with 7.6 million pounds of thrust.

What is the most powerful rocket ever build? ›

SpaceX's Starship, the most powerful rocket ever built, blasts off. SpaceX launches its towering Starship rocket in its first attempt to reach space.

What went wrong at the launch of Starship? ›

During its brief first flight more than a week ago, the gigantic Starship rocket made by SpaceX generated an unanticipated “rock tornado” at launch, and multiple engines failed as it headed upward before it somersaulted out of control.

How much does one Starship cost? ›

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has said a Starship launch could eventually cost just $10 million or less. By comparison, the company's Falcon 9 costs about $62 million today and has far less carrying capacity than Starship.

How much will a Starship launch cost? ›

Musk has predicted Starship launch prices as low as $10 million within 2-3 years. The scientific and business case achievement of reducing launch costs by even 40%, let alone orders of magnitude, will have massive follow-on effects across the military, commercial, and civilian space enterprises.

Why is Starship so important? ›

Starship is designed to carry passengers to the moon and Mars as part of NASA's Artemis program, and eventually will take 100 people on long-duration, interplanetary flights.

Is Starship fully reusable? ›

Starship is the fully reusable spacecraft and second stage of the Starship system. The vehicle offers an integrated payload section and is capable of carrying crew and cargo to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars and beyond.

What happened with SpaceX launch? ›

SpaceX later said multiple engines on the 33-engine booster were not firing as the rocket ascended, causing it to lose altitude and begin to tumble. The rocket was intentionally destroyed by its self-destruct system, exploding and plummeting into the water.

What are the goals of SpaceX? ›

Reusability. SpaceX believes a fully and rapidly reusable rocket is the pivotal breakthrough needed to substantially reduce the cost of space access.

What are the successes of SpaceX? ›

SpaceX's launch of 51 more Starlink internet satellites Wednesday from California marked the 200th consecutive successful mission for the company's Falcon rocket family, a record unmatched by any other space launch vehicle.

What fuel does the SpaceX rocket use? ›

Draco are hypergolic liquid-propellant rocket engines that utilize a mixture of monomethyl hydrazine fuel and nitrogen tetroxide oxidizer. Each Draco thruster generates 400 newtons (90 lbf) of thrust.

What is the fastest car ever made rocket? ›

The car is 16.5 m (54 ft) long and 3.7 m (12 ft) wide and weighs nearly 10 tons. It had a reported thrust of 223 kN (approximately 50,000 pounds force) at some operating condition.
Thrust SSC
Enginetwo Rolls-Royce Spey turbofan:- Rolls-Royce Spey 202
Length16.5 m (54 ft)
Width3.7 m (12 ft)
11 more rows

What is the heaviest rocket in the world? ›

Falcon Heavy is rated to launch 63.8 t (141,000 lb) to low Earth orbit (LEO) in a fully expendable configuration and an estimated 57 t (126,000 lb) in a partially reusable configuration, in which only two of its three boosters are recovered.

Which is bigger SpaceX or Tesla? ›

Elon Musk's two largest companies already command enormous valuations, with Tesla currently at $858 billion and SpaceX at $100.3 billion.

Who has the strongest space program? ›

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA.

Is SpaceX Starship bigger than saturn v? ›

The combined Starship and Super Heavy together stand at as towering 394 feet tall (120 meters) compared to the Saturn 5 rocket which was 363 feet (111 meters). Its 33 Raptor engines will generate more than 16 million pounds of thrust, roughly twice that of the Saturn 5.

Who has the best rocket engine in the world? ›

RS-68A. The RS-68, built by American manufacturer Aerojet Rocketdyne, is the most powerful hydrogen-powered rocket in the world. It's used in the Delta IV rocket, which Nasa has used to launch various satellites into orbit.

How much could Saturn V carry? ›

Saturn V holds records for the heaviest payload launched and largest payload capacity to low Earth orbit: 310,000 lb (140,000 kg), which included the third stage and unburned propellant needed to send the Apollo command and service module and Lunar Module to the Moon.

How long will it take to rebuild Starship? ›

Nelson said NASA has been in contact with SpaceX and expects the company to be able to launch again soon. “As of today, SpaceX is still saying that they think it will take about at least two months to rebuild the launch pad and, concurrently, about two months to have their second vehicle ready to launch.”

Why can't we build a Saturn V rocket? ›

Because: The Saturn V was designed 60 years ago, using parts that are no longer being made from companies that no longer exist. You would have to go through the millions of parts in the blueprints (yes, they still exist) and revise the design to use parts that you can actually get now.

Is Saturn V still the most powerful rocket? ›

Still today, it's the most powerful rocket ever successfully flown. This rocket, the Saturn V, could propel the weight of some four school buses(opens in a new tab) to the moon. It sent astronauts to the chalky lunar surface six different times.

How much horsepower does the F-1 rocket engine have? ›

The F-1 rocket engine is still a modern wonder — one and a half million pounds of thrust, 32 million horsepower, and burning 6,000 pounds of rocket grade kerosene and liquid oxygen every second.

How much rocket fuel is needed to reach the Moon? ›

Now for a bit of history: for the 1967 Apollo mission to the moon, Saturn V rocket's first stage carried 203,400 gallons of kerosene fuel and 318,000 gallons of liquid oxygen needed for, totaling over 500,000 gallons of fuel for getting out of the atmosphere alone.

How many times did SpaceX launch fail? ›

Since March 2006, SpaceX has launched 5 Falcon 1, 227 Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy, and 1 Starship rockets. Of these, 3 Falcon 1, 2 Falcon 9 and 1 Starship launches were complete failures and 1 Falcon 9 launch were partial failures. As of May 2023, SpaceX has a 97.4% launch success rate.

What are the disadvantages of Starship? ›

Significant weaknesses:

Requires numerous, highly complex launch, rendezvous and fueling operations. SpaceX's past performance on Crew Dragon and Falcon Heavy development, both which experienced “considerable schedule delays”

What is the famous failed rocket launch? ›

Space Shuttle Challenger disaster
Challenger's solid rocket boosters fly uncontrollably after the breakup of the external tank separated them from the shuttle stack. The remains of the orbiter and tank leave thin white contrails as they fall toward the Atlantic Ocean.
DateJanuary 28, 1986
Time11:39:13 EST (16:39:13 UTC)
6 more rows

How much does it cost to refuel a Starship? ›

NASA pay $160 per tonne for oxygen – and on the open market, Liquid Methane is around $400 per tonne. This is $562,000 worth of oxygen and $396,000 for Methane for a Booster and a Starship. A total of about $900,000. However, a Starship alone is $240,000 for full fueling.

How much would it cost to build a real Starship Enterprise? ›

The estimated cost of building the Enterprise: about $50 billion a year for the next 20 years — $1 trillion in total.

How much does Starship cost per passenger? ›

He estimated that each flight would cost $1,055,000 to transport 853 passengers, equating to $1,200 per paid seat. Around 70 percent of that money goes on propellant, 20 percent on maintenance, and the rest on paying the crew and amortization costs. Elon Musk, standing underneath Starship Mk. 1.

How much does rocket fuel cost? ›

While finding the liquid propellant costs is relatively easy, finding costs for solid fuels is more difficult. However, the cost of solid rocket propellant is estimated at approximately $5/kg.

How much horsepower is Starship? ›

Collectively, SpaceX says a Starship booster's engines create 17 million pounds (7,590 tons) of thrust. That's roughly equivalent to 40.8 million horsepower or about “70 percent of the global horse population,” according to users at Reddit's r/SpaceXLounge.

How is Starship so cheap? ›

The price of StarShip is not often discussed - SpaceX don't sell spacecraft - they take payment for launching payloads. They've never sold a spacecraft of any kind. It's estimated that it costs $20 million to build a StarShip - but we don't know for sure. I've also heard $25 million…so that's the right ballpark.

Why is Starship black now? ›

Starship has a black underbelly, similar to NASA's Space Shuttles, and for similar reasons, too. The black is a series of heat-resistant hexagonal tiles made of silica, designed to protect the spacecraft from scorching temperatures as it re-enters Earth's atmosphere.

What is the largest rocket launch ever? ›

SpaceX launches first test flight of world's most powerful rocket before Starship explodes in midair. SpaceX's Starship — the biggest and most powerful rocket ever built — blasted off from the southern tip of Texas on Thursday morning.

Is Starship the most powerful rocket ever? ›

Starship is a super heavy-lift space vehicle under development by SpaceX. At 120 metres (390 feet) in height and with a liftoff mass of 5,000 metric tons (11,000,000 pounds), Starship is the largest and most powerful rocket ever flown.

How long will Starship take to get to Mars? ›

Cruise. The cruise phase begins after the spacecraft separates from the rocket, soon after launch. The spacecraft departs Earth at a speed of about 24,600 mph (about 39,600 kph). The trip to Mars will take about seven months and about 300 million miles (480 million kilometers).

How many passengers can Starship carry? ›

Elon Musk is developing a vehicle that could be a game-changer for space travel. Starship, as it's known, will be a fully reusable transport system capable of carrying up to 100 people to the Red Planet.

Is Starship ever going to fly? ›

The SpaceX Starship orbital test flight was the first launch of SpaceX's Starship spacecraft atop the Super Heavy first-stage booster and took place on April 20, 2023.
SpaceX Starship orbital test flight.
Start of mission
Launch dateApril 20, 2023, 13:33 UTC (08:33 a.m. CDT)
Launch siteSpaceX Starbase
20 more rows

Who owns SpaceX? ›

Elon Musk cofounded the electronic payment firm PayPal, and in 2002 he founded SpaceX, a company that makes rockets and spacecraft. He was a major early funder of Tesla, which makes electric cars and batteries, and became its chief executive officer in 2008. He purchased the social media service Twitter in 2022.

Why is SpaceX not on the market? ›

SpaceX is not a public company, it is still privately owned. Tesla, one of Elon Musk's other companies, is a public company. Musk has discussed the possibility of taking SpaceX public, or at least Starlink, which is a part of SpaceX that seeks to provide Internet to most of the Earth via satellites in space.

How much did Elon Musk rocket cost? ›

In 2019, Musk said the development cost of Starship would be about $3 billion (€2.7 billion), although he hopes to reduce this to $9 million per unit once it can be mass-produced. Each SLS rocket costs about $4 billion. SpaceX has manufactured seven main rocket boosters and 24 upper units.

What is Elon Musk's main goal? ›

As the co-founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon leads all product design, engineering and global manufacturing of the company's electric vehicles, battery products and solar energy products. Since the company's inception in 2003, Tesla's mission has been to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

How does SpaceX make money? ›

SpaceX makes a huge percentage of its money from launching satellites into orbit. Commercial businesses pay the company to launch satellites they can leverage for their firms. The launch fee per service is $62 million, but could be higher for complex launches.

What is the motivation behind SpaceX? ›

We are doing what we can to have the future be as good as possible, to be inspired by what is likely to happen and to look forward to the next day.” Musk says that is what's directly behind his two most well-known companies, Tesla and SpaceX. I want to be able to think about the future and feel good about that.

How did SpaceX became so successful? ›

SpaceX has been able to create rockets that can be reused several times. Now, rockets are very expensive and account for a huge chunk of the overall costs incurred by companies dealing in outer space missions. SpaceX has created rockets that can be reused seven times!

What is the most successful SpaceX rocket? ›

In December 2015, Falcon 9 became the first rocket to land propulsively after delivering a payload into orbit. This reusability has resulted in significantly reduced launch costs. Falcon family core boosters have successfully landed 190 times in 201 attempts.

What are the competitive advantages of SpaceX? ›

SpaceX's strong competitive advantage over Blue Origin arises from its wealth of flight-proven hardware, including its Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets and Dragon spacecraft. It is developing a Starship rocket that promises to revolutionize space travel.

Is the Artemis rocket more powerful than SpaceX? ›

Starship is a reusable rocket larger and far more powerful than NASA's Artemis Special Launch System and one that could take humans to the moon and Mars.

Is the SLS more powerful than Saturn V? ›

With 8.8 million pounds of thrust, the SLS is 15 percent more powerful than the Saturn V, meaning the SLS now holds the record for the most powerful rocket ever successfully launched. Its thrust is equivalent to nearly all the train engines in the U.S. running at once — some 25,000 of them — according to NASA.

How much more powerful is Elon's rocket compared to Saturn V? ›

The combined Starship and Super Heavy together stand at as towering 394 feet tall (120 meters) compared to the Saturn 5 rocket which was 363 feet (111 meters). Its 33 Raptor engines will generate more than 16 million pounds of thrust, roughly twice that of the Saturn 5.

Will Starship be the most powerful rocket ever launched? ›

The Starship is the most powerful rocket ever built and is designed to send astronauts to the moon, Mars or beyond.

What is the most powerful spaceship ever made? ›

The most powerful rocket ever built

This launch was the first fully integrated test of SpaceX's new Starship. Starship is the most powerful rocket ever developed and is designed to be fully reusable.

What is the most advanced rocket engine? ›

The RS-68, built by American manufacturer Aerojet Rocketdyne, is the most powerful hydrogen-powered rocket in the world. It's used in the Delta IV rocket, which Nasa has used to launch various satellites into orbit.

What is the most powerful space engine in the world? ›

The F-1 remains the most powerful single combustion chamber liquid-propellant rocket engine ever developed.

What is the most powerful engine in space? ›

The most powerful solid-propellant rocket, and the most powerful rocket motor ever constructed, is the SLS Five-Segment Booster (also known as the Five Segment Reusable Solid Rocket Motor, or RSRMV), built by Northrop Grumman (USA) for NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) super-heavy rocket.

How many Saturn V rockets are left? ›

At 363 feet/111 meters long, it is 60 feet/18 meters taller than the Statue of Liberty! Although a total of 13 Saturn V rockets were launched between 1967 and 1972, this is one of only three remaining in the United States.

Why can't we build Saturn V? ›

Because: The Saturn V was designed 60 years ago, using parts that are no longer being made from companies that no longer exist. You would have to go through the millions of parts in the blueprints (yes, they still exist) and revise the design to use parts that you can actually get now.

Is Saturn V better than Falcon Heavy? ›

The private space company says the rocket, called Falcon Heavy, is the most powerful rocket in use today. It is not, however, bigger or more powerful than the mighty Saturn V that was used to launch the Apollo astronauts to the moon in the '60s and '70s and then to launch the Skylab space station in 1973.

Is Saturn V the most powerful rocket ever built? ›

The three-stage Saturn V was taller than a 36-story building. It was the largest, most powerful rocket ever launched.

Is Artemis more powerful than Falcon? ›

Artemis 1 launch success makes NASA's SLS the most powerful rocket ever to fly. But its title could be short-lived. SpaceX's Falcon Heavy is no longer the most powerful rocket in the world.

What is the most powerful rocket to date? ›

There was all manner of hoopla last November, when NASA finally launched its Space Launch System (SLS) moon rocket, not least because its 4 million kg (8.8 million lbs) of thrust made it the most powerful rocket ever built, comfortably beating out the old record holder: the Apollo era's Saturn V, which flew in the ...


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