How to repair the OE code on an LG washing machine [Easy Guide] (2023)

If you own an LG washing machine, you know how well it works and how long it lasts. However, a few different problems can arise with your washing machine throughout its life, some are easy to solve and some are more challenging.

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But before you start working on your washing machine, you need to understand how to diagnose and find the problematic part of the machine and identify error codes. Once you have done that, you will be able to fix it and get your LG washing machine working like before.

Meaning of an OE error code on an LG washing machine

Simply put, an original equipment failure, also known as a water drain failure, means that your washer is unable to drain the water and therefore unable to complete the wash cycle.

Draining the water is a necessary step for any washing machine, otherwise the clothes will come out soaked. But when something prevents your LG washing machine from draining this water for more than 10 minutes, it issues an OE error code to alert you and ask you to look for the cause.

So what could be causing your washing machine not to drain? Let's take a look, okay?

Causes of an OE code

Generally, the reason why your LG washing machine won't drain has to do with its drainage system. This system includes a drain hose, drain pump, and drain pump filter.

Other times the error is due to a problem with other systems on the machine or because you have not followed the manufacturer's instructions.

We've listed the most common reasons why your washer stops emptying below, so take a look and compare them to what's happening to your washer.

Drain system problem

Clogged drain pump filter

This is the main cause of the OE error code. When the drain pump filter is clogged with dirt, lint or debris, the pump is unable to suck the water out of the drum due to the blockage and the OE error code appears.

A clogged drain pump filter not only causes drain failure, but it can also make your washing machine smell bad. This is explained by the bacterial growth that occurs in the clogged filter.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to fix this problem. Once you've cleaned the filter well, your washer should drain properly once you've released it.

faulty drain pump

Sometimes the pump itself can get blocked. However, this is better than a faulty pump because a blocked pump can be easily repaired.

On the other hand, a faulty pump is often very difficult to repair and you usually end up needing a new drain pump.

Usually, the defect can be caused by a burnt-out pump motor, a damaged pump impeller, or a defect in the pump circuit. Regardless of the cause, you can usually diagnose this problem if you don't hear any sounds coming from the pump when the washer reaches its drain cycle.

Problematic Drain Hose

Your drain hose can cause a drain failure if it is kinked, kinked, or blocked. Basically, one small sock can be the ruin of your washing machine if it clogs the hose.

Also, if the drain hose is not installed correctly according to the manufacturer's instructions, the washer will also not be able to drain. For example, if it is not 0.9-1.3 meters high, the pump will not be able to push the water out of the washing machine and you will end up with excess water. And for models without a pump, if the drain hose is not lowered, the same drain problem occurs.

Therefore, always make sure to properly position the drain hose and check its condition from time to time to avoid this problem.

Use:Likewise, if the standpipe isn't set at the correct height, or if it's clogged, the OE fault code will also show up because the water has nowhere to go (same goes for your main house drain).

Other reasons why your washing machine does not empty

unbalanced load

Sometimes when you put a heavy or bulky item, like a blanket or rug, in the washing machine, it can't spin and drain the water inside the drum. So be sure to add more clothes to your washer to correct this imbalance.

unsuitable detergent

Using regular detergent with a high-efficiency washer or using an excessive amount of HE detergent creates excessive suds. In this case, the washing machine will not be able to eliminate the excess foam and the air pockets that it causes, so it will not be able to drain properly.

Defective low switch assembly

If there's a problem with the door lock switch, your washer won't start its drain cycle because it can't tell if the door is actually closed.

faulty control panel

The power board that tells your pump to start drawing water may be bad. Therefore, your washing machine will not drain and the OE code will appear.

faulty pressure switch

When the pressure switch is damaged, the main control board cannot know that there is water to drain, and therefore the pump will not start to work.

bad connections

If the connector between the main control board and the pump motor is defective, the water will not drain. The same problem occurs if the wiring harness is damaged.

How to fix this error code

First of all, be sure to disconnect your washing machine from the power source and turn off the gas and water supply to eliminate any risk to yourself.

Once this is fixed, you should analyze the possible causes of the error code, from the easiest to the most difficult.

So the first thing you should check is the drain hose. If it is not at the recommended height/position, move it. A broken drain hose will also not allow water to pass through properly, so straighten it out as best you can.

If standing water won't drain, check to see if it's clogged. If so, remove the cause of the blockage. Use a drain rod or a strong blast of air to remove any dirt or debris. When you're done, put everything you removed back into place and cover the filter. Then run a spin cycle and check if the error code appears again.

If not, then move on to the next step which is the drain filter. An LG washing machine usually has the drain pump filter cover at the front of the bottom of the washing machine. So find it, remove it, and then use the drain hose to drain your washing machine into a bucket by removing its little plug/lid.

Then remove the drain filter. Just be careful that it may leak, so place a towel under it to catch any remaining water. Next, run the clogged sump pump strainer under clean water and use a soft cleaning brush to remove stubborn debris until you have a squeaky clean sump pump strainer.

When you're done, put everything you removed back into place and cover the filter. Run a spin cycle and check if the OE error code appears again.

If so, then you need to test the drain pump. Run a spin cycle and see if you can hear a buzz. If it doesn't, the drain pump motor is most likely bad and needs to be repaired or replaced. But if you hear something, then the pump is blocked by something and you need to remove the blockage.

If the pump is no longer clogged, but the washer still won't drain, check for other causes. For example, did you use too much detergent? And is it the right type of detergent for your washing machine? Or did you do everything right, but the problem is in the components of the washing machine?

If you can check the inner workings of the machine yourself, go ahead and start looking for the faulty part. However, it is better to ask for repair service and have it checked by professionals if you get lost. It may also be advisable to purchase a new pump.

How to reset the washing machine

  1. Press power on the washer screen to turn it off
  2. Unplug your washing machine
  3. Continue to press and hold the start/pause button for approx. 5 seconds
  4. Reconnect your washing machine to the power source.


An OE error code on an LG washing machine means that it is unable to drain the water and complete the wash cycle. This is usually due to a problem in the water drainage process, so start looking there.

If you can't find the problem and you've followed all the manufacturer's instructions, call an appliance repair service and let them take care of the problem. After all, they are the experts on washing machine breakdowns!

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