Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (2023)

Working with Markdown files in Visual Studio Code is easy, simple, and fun. In addition to basic VS Code editing, there are a number of Markdown-specific features that can help you be more productive.

edit discount

document outline

Outline View is a separate section at the bottom of File Explorer. When expanded, it shows the symbol tree of the currently active editor. For markdown files, the token structure is the markup file header hierarchy.

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (1)

Outline View is a great way to review the header structure and outline of your document.

Fragments for Markdown

Several discount snippets are included integrated with VS Code: press⌃ space(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Spacebar)(trigger hint) and you'll get a list of context-specific hints.

Cima:Puede agregar sus propios fragmentos personalizados para Markdown. Echar un vistazocustom fragmentsto know how.

Go to file header

Use⇧⌘O(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Shift+O)to quickly jump to a header in the current file.

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (2)

You can search all the headers in the file or start typing a header name to find the exact header you are looking for. Once you find the header, pressGet intoto move the cursor to it. PressEscto cancel the jump to the header.

Go to header in workspace

Use⌘T(Windows,LinuxControl+T)Search for headers in all Markdown files in the current workspace.

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (3)

Start typing a header name to filter the list to find the header you're looking for.

route endings

Path completion helps create links to files and images. These paths are automatically indicated byIntelliSensewhile typing the path of an image or link, and can also be requested manually⌃ space(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Spacebar).

(Video) How To Write and Preview Markdown In VScode

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (4)

Paths starting with/are resolved relative to the current workspace root, while paths begin with./or no prefix are resolved relative to the current file. Route suggestions appear automatically as you type/or it can be called manually with⌃ space(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Spacebar).

Path IntelliSense can also help you link to headers in the current file or in another Markdown file. Start the way with#to display the completions of all file headers (depending on your setup, you may need to use⌃ space(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Spacebar)to see these):

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (5)

You can disable route intelligence with"markdown.suggest.paths.enabled": false.

Drag and drop to insert links and images

Insert images and file links quickly with drag and drop. Start by dragging and holding a file from the VS Code explorer over your discount codecapato add it to the file. The preview cursor shows where it will be pasted when you release it.

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (6)

Removed images insert a discount image![](route/a/image.png). Dropped files insert a normal discount link[](path/to/

smart selection

Smart Select allows you to quickly add to and subtract from selections in Markdown documents. This can be used to quickly select entire block elements (for example, code blocks or tables) and to select the entire content of a header section in the Markdown file.

SmartPick uses the following commands:

  • Extender:⌃⇧⌘→(Windows,LinuxShift+Alt+Right)
  • Shrink:⌃⇧⌘←(Windows,LinuxShift+Alt+Left)

Selection applies to the following and follows a traditional hierarchical pattern:

  • holders
  • Listens
  • block quotes
  • fenced code blocks
  • HTML code block
  • high heel shoes

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (7)

link validation

Link validation checks the local links in your discount code to ensure they are valid. This makes it possible to catch frequent errors, e.g. For example, link to a renamed header or a file that no longer exists on disk.

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (8)

Link validation is disabled by default. To activate it, simply set it"markdown.validate.enabled": wahr. VS Code then parses markdown links to headers, images, and other local files. Invalid links are reported as warnings or errors. All link validation is done locally and external http(s) links are not checked.

(Video) Editing Markdown with Visual Studio Code

There are a few settings you can use to customize link validation:

  • markdown.validate.fileLinks.enabled-Enable/disable validation of links to local files:[link](/path/to/
  • markdown.validate.fragmentLinks.enabled-Enable/disable validation of links to headers in the current file:[link](#_a-header)
  • markdown.validate.fileLinks.markdownFragmentLinks-Enabled/disabled validation of links to headers in the other markdown file:[link](
  • markdown.validate.referenceLinks.enabled-Enable/disable referral link validation:[enlace][ref].
  • markdown.validate.ignoredLinks-A list of global links that will skip validation. This is useful when linking to files that don't exist on disk but do exist after the markdown is posted.

Find all references to headings and links

Use theFind all references(⇧⌥F12(Windows,LinuxShift+Alt+F12)) to find all places in the current workspace where a header or markdown link is referenced:

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (9)

Find all referencesit's compatible with:

  • Holders:# my header. Show all links to#my-header.
  • External links:[Text]( Show all links to
  • Internal links:[text](./path/to/ Show all links to./Pfad/zur/
  • Fragment in Links:[text](./path/to/ Show all links to#my-headerin./Pfad/zur/

Rename headers and links

Tired of accidentally breaking links when changing a discount header? Testrename icon(F2) instead of this. After typing the new header name and pressingGet into, VS Code will update the header and automatically update any links to that header:

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (10)

you can also useF2and:

  • Holders:# my header. This will update all links to#my-header.
  • External links:[Texto]( This will update all linked locations
  • Internal links:[text](./path/to/ This will change the name of the file../Pfad/zur/Datei.mdand also update all links to it.
  • Fragment in Links:[text](./path/to/ This changes the name of the header to./Pfad/zur/Datei.mdand also update all links to it.

Markdown Preview

VS Code supports Markdown files by default. Just start typing Markdown text, save the file with an .md extension, and then toggle the editor display between the code and the Markdown file preview. Of course, you can also open and work with an existing Markdown file. To switch between views, press⇧⌘V(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Shift+V)in notepad. You can preview side by side (⌘KV(Windows,LinuxCtrl+KV)) with the file you are editing and see the changes in real time as you edit it.

Here is an example with a simple file.

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (11)

Cima:You can also right click on the editor tab and selectopen preview(⇧⌘V(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Shift+V)) or use thecommand palette(⇧⌘S(Windows,LinuxCtrl+Shift+P)) to run theMarkdown: open page previewdomain (⌘KV(Windows,LinuxCtrl+KV)).

Live previews and preview lock

By default, markdown previews automatically update to show a preview of the currently active markdown file:

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (12)

You can block a markdown preview withMarkdown: Toggle preview lockcommand to keep it linked to your current discount document. Locked previews are marked with[Advance]In the title:

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (13)

(Video) How to Create, Edit, and View Markdown Files in VS Code

Use:DieMarkdown: Toggle preview lockThe command is only available when the Markdown preview is the active tab.

Editor and preview sync

VS Code automatically syncs the markdown editor and preview panes. Scroll through the markdown preview and the editor will scroll to match the preview. Scroll in the markdown editor and the preview will scroll to fit your viewport:

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (14)

You can disable scroll sync withmarkdown.preview.scrollPreviewWithEditorymarkdown.preview.scrollEditorWithPreview the configuration.

The currently selected line in the editor is indicated in the markdown preview by a light gray bar along the left edge:

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (15)

Also, double-clicking an element in the Markdown preview automatically opens the file's editor and scrolls to the line closest to the element you clicked on.

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (16)

Extending the Markdown preview

Extensions can bring custom styles and scripts to the Markdown preview to change its appearance and add new features. Here is a set of example extensions that customize the preview:

Use your own CSS

You can also include your own CSS in the Markdown preview"markdown.styles": [] Attitude. This lists the URLs for the style sheets to load in the Markdown preview. These style sheets can behttpsURLs or relative paths to local files in the current workspace.

For example, to load a style sheet namedstyle.cssUse at the root of your current workspaceoffice hour>settings>settingsto open the workspaceconfiguration.jsonFile and run this update:

// Save your settings to this file to override default and user settings.{ "markdown.styles": ["style.css"]}

Keep trailing spaces to create line breaks

To createhard line breaks, Markdown requires two or more spaces at the end of a line. Depending on your user or workspace preferences, VS Code can be configured to remove trailing spaces. To keep trailing spaces only in markdown files, you can add these lines to yoursconfiguration.json:

{ "[Discount]": { "files.trimTrailingWhitespace":INCORRECT}}

Markdown preview security

For security reasons, VS Code restricts the content that is displayed in the Markdown preview. This includes disabling script execution and just resource overhead.https.

If Markdown preview is blocking content on a page, a warning popup will appear in the upper right corner of the preview window:

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (17)

(Video) Introduction to Markdown in Visual Studio Code (with Markdown worksheet!)

You can change what content is allowed in the Markdown preview by clicking or running this popupMarkdown: change preview security settingsCommand in any Markdown file:

Markdown Editing with Visual Studio Code (18)

Markdown preview security settings apply to all files in the workspace.

Here are the details of each of these security levels:


This is the default value. Only load trusted content and disable script execution. blockshttpPhotos.

It is highly recommended that you keep it.StrictlySecurity enabled unless you have a very good reason to change it AND trust all markdown files in the workspace.

Allow unsafe content

Keep scripts disabled but allow content to loadhttp.


Disables additional security in the preview window. This allows scripts to run and also allows content overloading.http.

discount extensions

In addition to the features that VS Code provides by default, you can install an extension to get more features.

Tip: Select an extension tile above to read the description and reviews to help you decide which extension is best for you. See more in themercado.

Next steps

Read on to learn more about:

  • CSS, SCSS y menos- Do you want to edit your CSS? VS Code has excellent support for editing CSS, SCSS, and Less.

Frequent questions

Is there a spell checker?

It doesn't install with VS Code, but there are spell checker extensions. check theVS Code Marketto find useful extensions to help you in your workflow.

¿Unterstützt VS Code GitHub Flavored Markdown?

No, VS Code targets thosecommon markSpecification of rebates with theMarkdown-itLibrary. GitHub is moving towards the CommonMark specification, which you can read about hereTo update.



How do I edit a markdown file in VS Code? ›

VS Code supports Markdown files out of the box. You just start writing Markdown text, save the file with the .md extension and then you can toggle the visualization of the editor between the code and the preview of the Markdown file; obviously, you can also open an existing Markdown file and start working with it.

Is VS Code a good markdown editor? ›

Visual Studio Code is already a great Markdown editor, but these extensions and customizations make it even better.

Does Visual Studio support markdown? ›

With the recent preview of Visual Studio 17.5, we've brought markdown editing to the IDE! Now, when you have to make changes to markdown files in your project, you can do so without ever leaving Visual Studio. The Visual Studio 2022 markdown editing experience.

What is markdown Visual Studio Code? ›

Markdown extensions allow you to extend and enhance Visual Studio Code's built-in Markdown preview. This includes changing the look of the preview or adding support for new Markdown syntax.

Can you use VS Code as a text editor? ›

Get a feel for text editors and what they do by learning the basics of Visual Studio Code, a popular text editor with many tools and shortcuts to help to speed up development and make building web sites and applications faster and easier.

How do I edit a markdown file? ›

At the top of the editing pane, click the EDIT MARKDOWN button to reveal edit mode for the file. Now you can start typing directly in the file. When you are done, just click the PREVIEW MARKDOWN button again to see what the file will look like when another user views it.

Is there a better editor than VS Code? ›

Atom, Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and WebStorm are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Visual Studio Code.

Do people still use Markdown? ›

Markdown is widely used, and because it's just ASCII text after all, it is future-proof. When our descendants are trying to figure out how to read a PDF file, Markdown will still be sitting there out in the open like a Rosetta stone. By the way, since it's just text, it's easy to manage with any source control tool.

Is Visual Studio Code better than Notepad? ›

"Syntax for all languages that i use", "Tabbed ui" and "Great code editor" are the key factors why developers consider Notepad++; whereas "Powerful multilanguage IDE", "Fast" and "Front-end develop out of the box" are the primary reasons why Visual Studio Code is favored.

Do technical writers use Markdown? ›

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that many technical professionals use to create and edit technical documents. With Markdown, you write text in a plain text editor (such as vi or Emacs), inserting special characters to create headers, boldface, bullets, and so on.

Is Markdown better than HTML? ›

Markdown is easier to write than HTML, and it's easier for most humans to read Markdown source than HTML source. However, HTML is more expressive (particularly regarding semantic tagging) and can achieve some specific effects that might be difficult or impossible in Markdown.

Is Markdown just HTML? ›

Markdown's syntax is intended for one purpose: to be used as a format for writing for the web. Markdown is not a replacement for HTML, or even close to it. Its syntax is very small, corresponding only to a very small subset of HTML tags. The idea is not to create a syntax that makes it easier to insert HTML tags.

Why do developers use Markdown? ›

Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, that can then be converted into structurally valid HTML. So, to be entirely precise, Markdown is really two things: A plain text formatting syntax.

Why is Markdown better than Word? ›

Why is Markdown better for writers than Word? Markdown's main advantage over WYSIWYG editors is that you don't have to move your mouse all over the screen to select various formatting options.

Why is it recommended to use Markdown? ›

Markdown was designed to make it easier for web writers to work with articles in an age where web publishing required writing HTML. So, the intent was to make it simpler to interface with text formatting in HTML.

Why VS Code is the best text editor? ›

Visual Studio Code has more out-of-the-box features than Atom. It not only has the features of the Integrated Development Environment but a lot more too. Being Microsoft's flagship editor, Visual Studio Code brings Core features like Building and Debugging apps, Git Integration, and Markdown support.

Is Visual Studio Code just an editor? ›

Visual Studio Code is a streamlined code editor with support for development operations like debugging, task running, and version control. It aims to provide just the tools a developer needs for a quick code-build-debug cycle and leaves more complex workflows to fuller featured IDEs, such as Visual Studio IDE.

Why use VS Code instead of Visual Studio? ›

VS Code is comparatively faster. Visual Studio has a free editor for developers to use but also comes with a better and paid IDE version. VS Code is completely free of cost and is open-source. VS engages the best and the most advanced IntelliSense.

What is a Markdown editor? ›

A Markdown editor is an intuitive and lightweight text-to-HTML conversion tool for web content writers. You can use it to format lists, headers, and for emphasis, as well as to incorporate links and images. The idea is to produce web content that is as easy to read as plain text.

How do I write code in Markdown file? ›

There are two ways to format code in Markdown. You can either use inline code, by putting backticks (`) around parts of a line, or you can use a code block, which some renderers will apply syntax highlighting to.

How do you write readme in VS Code? ›

Instructions for VS code users.
  1. Create a new file from — →file →new file.
  2. Type as per your requirement inside the file using the following syntax provided above.
  3. Save the file as or any suitable name with . md extension.
  4. Then press Ctrl+Shift+V in the editor.
  5. Now you can view the preview window of your .
May 7, 2020

What is the most powerful code editor? ›

The best code editors for developers and designers
  1. Sublime Text 3. The best code editor overall – but you'll have to pay for it. ...
  2. Visual Studio Code. The most fully featured, well-rounded code editor. ...
  3. Codespaces. A browser-based code editor from Microsoft and Github. ...
  4. Vim. ...
  5. Espresso. ...
  6. Notepad++ ...
  7. GNU Emacs. ...
  8. Komodo Edit.

Why is VS Code so popular? ›

Robust and extensible architecture

Architecturally, Visual Studio Code combines the best of web, native, and language-specific technologies. Using Electron, VS Code combines web technologies such as JavaScript and Node. js with the speed and flexibility of native apps.

Which is better Jupyter or Visual Studio Code? ›

The new Jupyter extension for VS Code comes with full support for our beloved . ipynb files, bringing interactive programming to the editor. You may lose some things, like your favorite Jupyter extensions, but processes like debugging may become more straightforward. Ultimately, it comes down to how you use Notebooks.

Can Markdown read in Word? ›

You do not have to remember the Markdown syntax on Word. However simple that may be. With Writage, Microsoft Word is your Markdown WYSIWYG editor. Compose your document as you would with the usual rich formatting commands like bold, italics, underline, hyperlinks, etc.

Is Markdown a programming language? ›

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that you can use to add formatting elements to plaintext text documents. Created by John Gruber in 2004, Markdown is now one of the world's most popular markup languages.

How do I convert Markdown to Word? ›

3.3 Convert Markdown files to DOCX documents
  1. Launch Microsoft Word.
  2. Open an existing Markdown file.
  3. Choose «Save as… » command and choose «Word Document(*.docx)» from «Save as type» field.
Nov 14, 2021

What are the disadvantages of VS Code? ›

Cons: Memory & CPU usage. VS code uses lots of CPU & RAM. Because it is built using Electron which is simply a web framework. Overall: Basic coding and general development issues.

Is VS Code the most popular IDE? ›

Users can change the theme, keyboard shortcuts, preferences, and install extensions that add additional functionality. In the Stack Overflow 2021 Developer Survey, Visual Studio Code was ranked the most popular developer environment tool among 82,000 respondents, with 70% reporting that they use it.

What language is VS Code best for? ›

Hundreds of programming languages supported

In Visual Studio Code, we have support for almost every major programming language. Several ship in the box, for example, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, and HTML but more rich language extensions can be found in the VS Code Marketplace.

Can technical writers make 6 figures? ›

If you're interested in a six-figure salary, that is something you can achieve as a technical writer, especially if you specialize in documenting computer software and hardware products and processes.

Which tool is best for content writing? ›

13 Content Writing Tools Every Writer Should Try
  • ProWritingAid.
  • Grammarly.
  • Yoast SEO.
  • Reedsy.
  • Hemingway Editor.
  • Readability Test by WebFX.
Aug 9, 2022

What platform do most authors use to write? ›

The four most popular options are Squibler, Scrivener, Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Squibler is the best book writing software because it's designed specifically to help writers write books quickly and easily by providing a full suite of features to support any type of writer working on any kind of story.

How do I open a Markdown file in VS Code? ›

VS Code supports Markdown files out of the box. You just start writing Markdown text, save the file with the . md extension and then you can toggle the visualization of the editor between the code and the preview of the Markdown file; obviously, you can also open an existing Markdown file and start working with it.

How to convert md to HTML in VS Code? ›

Open the Command Palette ('Ctrl+Shift+P'/'Cmd+Shift+P') and search for the command "Markdown: Copy as HTML". This will convert the selected markdown text to HTML and copy it to the clipboard. If no text is selected, the entire contents of the current document will be copied as HTML.

How do you edit in VS Code in output? ›

so all you have to do is "copy(ctrl+shift+C) that path address and paste(ctrl+shift+V) it in the terminal window and press enter" right next to your output and debug console window. This worked for me, hope it does for you too.

How do I change the format of a file in VS Code? ›

Format Document (Ctrl+Shift+I) - Format the entire active file. Format Selection (Ctrl+K Ctrl+F) - Format the selected text.


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