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What is Codesign? — codesign (1)

the globe Education Technology Market(edtech) is growing, but educators often struggle to identify which products will help them accelerate their efforts to meet learning goals - they don't know which products to use to overcome existing barriers to student success. There's often ambiguity about the researchThis drives the development of edtech solutions, making it difficult to determine what will benefit students.

This requires using a collaborative “codesign” approach to ensure edtech innovators develop products and programs that meet the needs of educators and students. This could mean, for example, developing relevant tools that maximize student productivity and teacher effectiveness at a time when there are greater opportunities to rethink learning and teaching both inside and outside of the physical classroom.

Codesign is a process in which different stakeholders come together to find a solution to a common problem through research.

not the caseLeanlab training, Codesign typically brings schools, edtech companies, and researchers together to create better solutions informed by direct feedback from schools. In this way, the people who will use the solution will be involved in its design and development.

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During the design process, stakeholders leverage the core principles of codesign—voting equity, shared values, and a commitment to improvement—to better understand the student and teacher experience. Let's take a closer look at them.

The basic principles of code design

Due to the participatory nature of codesign - "design with stakeholders, not for them" - it is important to understand the following principles as they tie the whole process together.

Ensure power sharing and inclusion

When there is a power imbalance between the critical stakeholders involved in the co-design process, those with more power are likely to have more influence on decisions.

However, co-design is about sharing power and ensuring that everyone's ideas and perspectives are considered throughout the process, from research and conception to design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Simply put, codesign is inclusive and cannot exist without power sharing.

prioritize relationships

The concept of codesign is based on the idea of ​​co-creation, so relationships are essential. Co-designers need to build a meaningful relationship based on trust and respect if they want to share power and create an effective solution together.

Prioritizing relationships means those involved in the process can express themselves and contribute to the conversations that lead to better outcomes.

Focus on empowerment

Codesign defends the concept that everyone has something to teach and learn.

With a focus on empowerment, Codesign goes beyond the traditional approach to skill and capability building. Rather than having specific people coach others, everyone teaches and learns, which improves collaboration, improves power sharing, and fosters better relationships between stakeholders.

How do I recognize code design?

Key principles can help you create sound processes, but how do you know if you're really co-designing?

Consider it. Two edtech companies want to develop a digital reading tool for high school students. Company A creates the tool and asks schools to test it to see if it works for them. When the company asked teachers and students for feedback, it found that its tool wasn't as useful for high school students as they had hoped.

On the other hand, prior to developing the tool, Company B is collaborating with educators and students at a school that wants to use technology to support lessons conducted by teachers.

Working in close partnership, Company B brings its professional Edtech experience to guide teachers and students in the design of the reading tool. During the process, faculty and students provide feedback based on their real-world experiences to help B Corp with things like research, prototyping, tool deployment, and evaluation. Everyone's voice is heard throughout the process.

Unlike Company A, Company B co-designed its tool to ensure its usefulness and usability in real-world contexts. The following scenarios indicate a co-design process:

  • Both people with lived experience (teachers and students) and professionals (the edtech company) involved in the design process are equal collaborators (co-designers).

  • There is a holistic construction of the skills of the co-designers. For example, Company B guides teachers and students through the design process, while teachers and students provide feedback that enables the company to create an effective tool.

  • Proposed approaches are evaluated based on the value they bring to the people for whom they are intended. For example, the features included in the reading tool are chosen based on how well they meet the needs of high school students.

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  • Where necessary, power is identified, challenged and negotiated. In the example, Company B, teachers and students have the same vote.

Best conditions for codesign

Once the necessary values ​​and litmus tests are in place, it's crucial to establish some foundations needed for the code design to work.

What is Codesign? — codesign (3)

Appropriate Support and Sponsorship

The first condition is to have enough support. For example, after receiving feedback, there may be resistance from some stakeholders, especially if they find it unfavorable. Advocating a co-design process in such a situation requires support to ensure that everyone involved in the process understands the value of this approach.

In addition, codesign also requires sponsorship and financial support in areas such as:

  • Moderation and convening of processes

  • Pay people with lived experience (e.g. teachers) for their time and support

  • Training for code designers

  • Test prototypes and continuously iterate before implementation

  • Communicate the process and its progress to stakeholders to create engagement

culture and climate

Codesign is a unique approach to solution design that not all work climates and cultures agree with. As such, co-designers need to build a specific supportive culture that prepares them for success.

Here are some of the necessary cultural conditions for codesign:

  • Focus on collaboration, not control

  • Facilitate learning and sharing of successes and failures

  • Create environments where formal and informal leaders can do their jobs

  • Assist in developing skills for code design

  • Promote accountability of all parties involved in the process

Building the right culture is primarily the responsibility of everyone involved in a project using the codesign approach.

Obstacles to effective code design

While codesign streamlines the process of finding the right solutions to problems, it's not always easy to execute.

There are some common roadblocks that make good code design difficult, and if you don't plan for them, you risk falling short in your code design process. The good news is that there are some strategies you can use to overcome these barriers.

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Obstacle 1: Stakeholders lack the tools or relationships to work together effectively.

For example, it can be difficult to involve non-technical stakeholders throughout the design and development process.

You can overcome this by:Develop process awareness early in the project so everyone knows where their contribution fits into the bigger picture. To develop process awareness effectively, you must first:

  • build relationships

  • Do some collective agenda setting

  • Improve your organizational tools to collaborate with outsiders

Barrier 2: Stakeholders lack certain skills, but the initiative requires experience that is shared among all stakeholders.

For example, some stakeholders may not have the technical expertise needed for certain aspects of the co-design process.

You can overcome this by:Build knowledge through structured training or knowledge sharing between stakeholders.

Barrier 3: Decision-making power is concentrated in a group of stakeholders.

Power sharing is a core principle of code design, but it's not always easy to achieve. Sometimes certain stakeholders have more power (e.g. school leaders controlling the budget) and this can make it difficult for everyone to have an equal voice.

You can overcome this by:Recognize the role of everyone in building a useful product or service. For example, educators may report to school boards, but they have the experience required to help build an effective edtech tool. Therefore, their findings must be taken into account when making decisions.

Tips to keep in mind during the code design process

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to code design, some general best practices will help ensure success throughout the process.

Listen to feedback and act on it

When multiple stakeholders come together, it can be easy to dismiss some comments. However, it is crucial to listen to all feedback and adjust your product or program accordingly. Ask questions that will help you discover what people really want and find ways to meet those needs.

Collect structured input

When you collect information in a structured way, it's easier to gather feedback and find a way forward.

Some methods you can use to collect data as part of your co-design process include:

  • researches

  • Event-Hosting

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  • user test

  • Conducting design workshops

  • Collect expert feedback

Collect concrete feedback

If you're hosting events or conducting surveys, it's a good idea to: 1) try to connect your attendees with the personas you create, and 2) collect as actionable feedback as possible.

You need to make sure your audience matches your personas. If there are people who don't fit into your persona profiles, you may need to consider creating new ones.

At the end, you should try to get specific feedback and suggestions from your audience. For example, asking a person what they particularly like or dislike about a tool is more insightful than simply asking whether they like the tool or not. Being specific puts you in a better position to take action and make improvements.

Codesign: Gives you the power to develop the right solutions

When it comes to education, it's crucial to involve the right people in the design process to create solutions that benefit students.

That is the goal of codesign. It is more than a consultation process. Everyone is treated as an equal contributor to the design process, allowing for more informed decision making.

Rather than relying on external research, critical stakeholders collaborate, collaborate and share creative ideas throughout the design process, enabling the development of the right programs and products.

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Leanlab training

Leanlab Education is a non-profit organization specializing in co-design research between educational technology companies and schools.

We bring parents, students and educators together with edtech developers to inform, develop and evaluate the next generation of instructional tools. We examine how well edtech tools work in real classroom environments and connect promising edtech solutions with resources to accelerate their impact.

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What is meant by code signing? ›

Code signing is a digital signature added to software and applications that verifies that the included code has not been tampered with after it was signed.

What is codesign on Mac? ›

The codesign command is used to create, check, and display code signatures, as well as inquire into the dynamic status of signed code in the system. The 'common name' of a code signing certificate can be read from the Apple Keychain Access Manager.

How do I fix code signing error in Xcode? ›

Verify that the code signing settings in Xcode are correct at the target level (which override any values at the project level). If you are certain your code signing settings are correct, choose 'Clean All' in Xcode, delete the 'build' directory in the Finder, and rebuild your release target.

What is code signing and how does it work? ›

Code signing is an operation where a software developer or distributor digitally signs the file being sent out, to assure users that they are receiving software that does what the creator says it will. The signature acts as proof the code has not been tampered with or modified from its original form.

What is needed for a code signature? ›

The process is as follows: A developer uses a private key to add a strong digital signature to the code with a code signing certificate. A user always has a public key to decode the signature applied during code signing process. The user's software or application decodes the signature using the key.

Do I need code signing? ›

Code signing is required by major software platforms such as Java and Microsoft to prevent malware propagation. It is also security best practice to sign code so that customers or users do not download tampered code or code from unknown sources.

What is Apple code signing? ›

Code signing is a macOS security technology that you use to certify that an app was created by you. Once an app is signed, the system can detect any change to the app—whether the change is introduced accidentally or by malicious code.

What is the Apple code signing identity? ›

What is Code Signing Identity? As per Apple, it's their security mechanism, which is used for authenticating identity. It assures users that the applications are trustworthy, and they are created by an Apple authorized source, and it hasn't tampered.

Why do people code with MACs? ›

As we mentioned earlier, macOS is based on Unix. And Unix is a pretty big deal in the programming world, synonymous with stability and security. Consequently, this spells many benefits for developers using a MacBook. Compared to Windows devices, MacBooks are often more secure against viruses and malware.

How do I turn off Xcode signing? ›

To turn the code signing off, go to your project and target "Build Settings", search for "Code Signing Identity" change its value to "Don't Code Sign" in both of them. To make this effective you need to change this value in the Project and all of the Targets separately.

How do I enable code signing in Xcode? ›

Create a new code signing identity
  1. Open Xcode.
  2. Choose Xcode > Settings.
  3. In the toolbar, click Accounts.
  4. Select your Apple ID from the list of accounts.
  5. Select the team to create the code signing identity for from the list of your Apple ID's teams.
  6. Click Manage Certificates.

How do I reset Xcode on Mac? ›

Delete your Xcode preferences:
  1. In Terminal, enter defaults delete -app xcode.
  2. That resets ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.dt.Xcode.plist.

How do I use Codesign on Mac? ›

Codesign Digital Signatures in Mac OS
  1. Check Code Signing Certificate Installation. Make sure you've properly installed your code signing certificate to the Mac certificate store. ...
  2. Run the Command. ...
  3. Verify the Signature. ...
  4. Congratulations!

What are the benefits of code signing? ›

Helps authenticate the identity of the developer, promoting trust on both sides of the transaction. Provides proof that the software has not been tampered or meddled with, and is being consumed in the way it was meant to be consumed.

What are the steps in code signing? ›

Four steps to implement secure code signing
  1. Safeguard private keys. The private keys that developers use to sign code are incredibly important to safeguard since they are what provide the stamp of authenticity to any code. ...
  2. Secure signing operations. ...
  3. Integrate with DevOps. ...
  4. Monitor and audit compliance.
Mar 6, 2023

How much does a code signing certificate cost? ›

Buy Code Signing Certificates From Top Certificate Authorities
CertificatesLowest Price
Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate$277.71/yrMore Info
DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate$524.67/yrMore Info
Comodo Code Signing Certificate$211.46/yrMore Info
Sectigo Code Signing Certificate$211.46/yrMore Info
2 more rows

WHO issues code signing certificates? ›

A code signing certificate is issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) specifically for the purpose of developers signing code. Once developers have a valid code signing certificate, they can use it to sign any code they are shipping live to production.

How do I manually create a code signing certificate? ›

Generate a Code Signing Certificate manually

Select Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority... Fill in the User's Email Address and the Common Name and select Saved to Disk . Click on Continue and save the generated certSigningRequest file locally.

Can I create my own code signing certificate? ›

The way you can generate a self signed code signing certificate is to use OpenSSL. You have a few options as to how to go about doing this, such as using Linux or PowerShell.

Do you need a certification to code? ›

If you want to become a coder, a certification is one of the best places to start. Coding certificates help you demonstrate your skills in a particular area and will therefore give you a competitive edge in the job market. In most cases, these certificates are completely voluntary.

What is secure code signing? ›

Secure code signing is the practice of digitally signing a piece of software (or firmware) to ensure that end users can identify its source (the author of the software) and verify that the code hasn't been altered since it was published.

What is your codesign identity? ›

This is a cryptographic process that identifies you as a developer, and identifies your application as something that has been distributed by you. The process of obtaining a code signing identity is slightly different on every platform.

Why am I getting codes from Apple? ›

Someone may be trying to sign your Apple ID, which would generate the request for a verification code. Since you have 2 Factor Authentication enabled, as long as they can't access one of your trusted devices, they can't get a code, and sign in. You should be okay.

Why is Apple asking for my security code? ›

When you enter the verification code on your new device or the web, you verify that you trust the device on which you're signing in. You might also be asked to enter the passcode of one of your devices to access any end-to-end encrypted content stored in iCloud.

Is Apple ID code same as password? ›

Your Apple ID is the email address you have set for your 'user' name. The password is what you use to log into that email address on Apple related web sites.

Why do hackers use Mac? ›

MacBooks come with the OS X/macOS operating system, which is based on the UNIX operating system. Many hackers feel more comfortable operating in a terminal environment, which, until the most recent Windows 10 anniversary update, was not possible by default on a Windows operating system.

Are Macs safe from hackers? ›

While Macs may not be compromised as frequently as Windows PCs, there have been various examples of hackers successfully targeting Macs, from fake programs to vulnerability exploits. The truth is that Macs can be hacked, and they are not immune to malware threats.

Is it okay to code on a Mac? ›

The best MacBook for programming is an ideal device for coding on. Apple's range of MacBooks combine powerful components and thin and light designs – so for coders who travel a lot, or want flexibility with where they work, then these are great choices.

What is the purpose of code signing in Xcode? ›

Code signing your app assures users that it's from a known source and hasn't been modified since it was last signed. Before your app can integrate app services, be installed on a device, or be submitted to the App Store, it must be signed with a certificate issued by Apple.

Can I delete Xcode from my Mac? ›

The first step to uninstalling Xcode from your Mac (and deleting its residual files) is to move the app itself to the macOS Bin. Launch Finder and click Applications on the right sidebar. Right-click on the Xcode icon and select Move to Bin on the context menu. That will immediately uninstall Xcode from your Mac.

Why is Xcode on my Mac? ›

Xcode is Apple's integrated development environment (IDE) for all Apple's platforms, and it's free for all Apple users. Xcode provides all tools to create apps (design, develop, and publish) for all Apple's platforms: iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS.

How do I create a code signing request? ›

How to Create Signing Certificate for Windows
  1. Buy a code signing certificate from a respected certificate authority (CA)
  2. Login to your account on the CA website.
  3. Generate a certificate signing request (CSR)
  4. Enter details including common name, email address, and public key to generate CSR.
  5. Click Submit button.

What is Apple developer keychain password? ›

Your login keychain password is normally the same as your user password (the password you use to log in to the computer). At login, if your keychain password somehow differs from your user password, it doesn't automatically unlock, and you're asked to enter the keychain's password.

What is adhoc signing? ›

Basically ad-hoc signing in this context means that the binary is signed without any cryptographic proof at all. In essence normally binaries are signed by adding a so-called CMS (a cryptographic message) where the hash of the CodeDirectory is the message that is signed by the signing identity.

How do I change Xcode settings? ›

If you want to configure the Xcode-compatible project settings in Xcode, select File | Open Project in Xcode from the main menu and configure the settings there. AppCode will sync the modifications to the settings automatically as soon as you apply them in Xcode.

What does Xcode select reset do? ›

Referring to the help text, running xcode-select -r will reset xcode, which may help with install-time issues.

How do I reset all changes in Xcode? ›

4 Answers
  1. Quit Xcode.
  2. Open the file you wish to bring back your lost changes to using TextEdit.
  3. Go to File > Revert To > Browse All Versions...
  4. Scroll through the available versions. Hopefully you will have many available to choose from.
  5. Select a version and hit Restore.
  6. Follow 2-5 for all necessary files.
  7. Launch Xcode.
Aug 14, 2014

What is the difference between code signing and EV code signing? ›

Regular Code Signing – both gives secure environment to developers for their software codes. Extended validation code signing certificate keeps the private key secret using hardware token whereas in Standard code signing the private key is not provided in a separate external drive.

How do I verify code signing? ›

Under HTTPS/SSL, click Manage certificates. In the Certificates window, on the Personal tab, double-click the code signing certificate that you just installed. If you have multiple code signing certificates, use the expiration date to determine which certificate is the correct one.

How do you code for the first time? ›

How to Start Coding
  1. Figure out why you want to learn to code.
  2. Choose which coding language you want to learn first.
  3. Take online courses.
  4. Watch video tutorials.
  5. Read books and ebooks.
  6. Use tools that make learning to code easier.
  7. Check out how other people code.
  8. Complete coding projects.
Jun 29, 2022

What is the purpose of codes? ›

Coding creates a set of instructions for computers to follow. These instructions determine what actions a computer can and cannot take. Coding allows programmers to build programs, such as websites and apps. Computer programmers can also tell computers how to process data in better, faster ways.

What is code integrity and code signing? ›

Code Signing verifies the identity of the software developer or publisher and confirms that the integrity of the code is intact from the time the code was signed to the time the code was downloaded. This proves the code can be trusted.

Why are timestamps used in code signing? ›

Time stamping lets an operating system verify if a signed executable was issued before or after the revocation of a code signing certificate. So, if you've time stamped your software package and you have to revoke a certificate, you'll be able to do so without the signature being invalidated.

What is code signing certificate key? ›

What is a Code Signing Certificate? Code signing certificates are executable files generated from public/private key pairs using various software tools. Developers give the public key and the organization's identity information provided to a trustworthy CA like Sectigo.

What is code signing self signed? ›

In other words, self signed code signing certificates are the code signing certificates signed and vouched by you and not by any third party globally trusted certificate authority.


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